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    Looking for a system that can monitor two babies in different rooms. Preferably a video one. Have the BT 1000 and got a second baby unit but turns out that you can’t listen to both units at the same time, total rubbish. Want something that monitors both at the same time, e.g. automatically switching for movement/noise. Anyone use anything that works well? Thanks.


    Never heard of anything like that. We had two single monitors with breathing sensor mats (terrifying when they roll off them and set the alarm off) – you could switch them to different channels so they didn’t interfere with each other.

    Angelcare I think they were called – not expensive but sold one on for almost as much as we paid for it via EBay.

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    Thanks, may have to go for two single monitors. Bit of a pain really. Tempted to just get two ip cameras and use an old iPhone as a monitor.

    We had one of those mats for our first. No idea what I’d have done had the thing actually gone off!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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