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  • Any Meta AM owners.Your thoughts please
  • MoseyMTB

    I’ve not got one but the blue one looks awesome.

    There was a neon yellow on pinkbike that looked incredible.

    No help ride wise I know.


    Chap called Duane had that yellow one, looks lovely and he had a nice edit of him riding it rather well too! No link I’m afraid, he does frequent the forum though.


    Have a Meta SX – best bike I’ve ever had 🙂


    Who’s got one then. 😀
    Any views most welcome.Cheers all..


    Yaldi. Yup, had mine since Christmas time.

    It’s a great bike. Jack of all trades, master of none. It’s not an out and out XC bike, nor is it a DH bike.

    But, I wanted one bike I could do XC, ride trails, do some decent sized jumps/drops, and ride DH on, and this fits that pretty well.

    Maybe I can’t do them as well as on a bike dedicated for that type of riding, but I can’t afford to have multiple bikes (OK I have a hardtail too..).

    Gripes – rattly cables and creaky headset (ie it’s not a particuarly quiet bike).

    Pros – rides rad, is fun on all sorts of trails, and looks great. (scroll down a bit for more bike pics).

    In action;

    Quick GoPro edit from a week of riding;

    Edit (and more pics) from Laurence CE;

    Duane 🙂


    How much does the frame weigh?


    Oh yeah. That’s the other thing, they’re quite heavy compared to similar type frames..


    Shrugs so is my meta5


    Got the SL version and loving it atm but it’s no light weight.

    My only regret was not buying a frame only and building it up.


    couple of people i know seem to like theirs, they are quite heavy for what they are though, not that a kg or 2 here and there makes much difference.
    better to have a strong frame than suffer the problems of the meta 5.

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    Rode the 29er version a lot last summer and loved it. Really didnt want to send it back. Really fun bike, suspension works ace and it feels bombproof. Not the lightest but not heavy either and it feels good climbing. They’ve designed it to be bombproof and stiff. I’m posting from the phone so can’t do links but if you google BasqueMTB and Commencal I wrote some words on it.

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