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  • Any magistrates /JP's on here?
  • … as I have a bit of a grizzle about one.

    It’s not about JP’s behaviour or decisions in court: I’m not in trouble and neither is anyone I know, and the JP in question is not breaking any laws or doing anything that would affect their judgement of anything or anyone in court.

    In fact the JP in question is getting big style/karma points from some of the public for it: it’s more an “is this how someone who is well known as a JP and publicises their membership should be behaving?” kind of question.

    I was thinking of writing to the ‘manager’ (is that what it’s called?) about it, but the local court’s website is hugely cryptic about who to contact, and the magistrate’s association FAQ page is a bit too vague for me to tell if I would be wasting their time doing so anyway.

    My email is in my profile, it’s a pretty simple query but I would rather not air the circumstances on a public forum is all. My boss who I get on famously with is a JP too, but I would rather not ask him as he will twig who it is straight away and I don’t want to put him in the position of feeeling as though he might be offering advice on whether or not to complain about one of his own colleagues.

    Many thanx.

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