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  • Any lift accessed riding in Aviemore…?
  • Hire a bike from Bothy Bikes (they’ll also give you trail advice)

    But you’ll need to use your pedals 😉


    I can use my pedals… sometimes. But seriously, thats fine, happy to pedal. Bothy bikes, i’ll check em out.

    Premier Icon Northwind

    They do a sort of mtb tour thing from the funicular at cairngorm now, not really what you could call an uplift. Looks like a pleasant day out though.

    Fort William’s closed for the year but Glencoe’s still open. Not exactly close though.


    I have a day or so with work in Inverness, and wanted to maybe rent a good bike and ride some trails. ONly have enough time for a close trail…

    So, i guess Aviemore for an uplift would be nice…

    anyone have any suggestions/experience?



    Aviemore’s not the only option, there are purpose built trails at Carbisdale, Golspie (the highland wildcat is brilliant), Learnie, Fochabers…


    Ok, cheers for the tips.
    @nbt.. that sounds about right actually.

    Mind you, judging by the steel hardtails from Bothy Bikes, i might just need to pay the extra baggage and get my bike up there. I’m too old for a rigid steel hardtail.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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