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  • Any Kinesis Crosslight owners out there ?
  • hoodie

    Anyone got one of the recent crosslight models ? Either 5T or Evo4 ?

    Really like the look of the 5T –

    Tried out a Croix de Fer today and it didnt quite seem as special as I thought it would, also rather heavy (although I can talk..ahemmm). By contrast a Specialized Tricross Comp was much more flyweight and looked beautifully put together – albeit the LBS didnt have a particularly good deal on….

    Keep coming back to the ideaof the Kinesis tho – looks a lovely blend of modern mixed with tradition…if that makes sense…

    Its really to get me out more, get some fitness and be able to use it on a mix of surfaces with some speed on road.

    Probably use Cyclesheme as works allow up to £1500 over 18mths (althought id rather stick to £900-1100

    Comments and ideas or pics of your Crosslights welcome….anyone who wants to question my need for a cross bike, question away – theres no real need, i just fancy one and like nice bikes !


    I’ve got pro5 (nicer 5t) but tbh I’d buy one of these
    2012 tiagra for £950 or 105 for £1200.


    Cannondale is on the list and theres deals applenty on the 2011 caadx 105…but it doesn’t look very exciting for the money….


    I raced a 5T this season, brought S/H off here, built up a lot lighter than I imagined, for an hours ‘cross it was perfect for me, couldn’t fault it.

    Someone on here has a really nice 2012 5T built up with discs, there was a pick floating round last week. I’ve been looking for a second CX bike for next season and relegating the 5T to the pits, in all honesty I think I’ll end up with a pro5 or at least another Kinesis if I can get the funds together.

    There was a review of one of the base Steven models up on BikeRadar earlier, seemed OK for a non-race type bike.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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