Any ideas for a riding holiday first 2 weeks in June?

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  • Any ideas for a riding holiday first 2 weeks in June?
  • Premier Icon giantonagiant

    As per the title really…

    I have two weeks free in early June and want to have a riding holiday, but it’s not a good time for any of my ‘normal’ riding huddles, due to newly arrived little uns.

    I’m happy to travel overseas (it’ll be my only holiday is year) – I had even thought about Whistler / Moab, but thought going on my own might be a bit disappointing.

    Ideally it’ll be from a single base, comfortable accommodation, good food, good company.

    I’m a pretty confident rider, Lakes, 7 Stanes, Scotland, etc, but would probably enjoy an element of coaching to the holiday.

    So….any ideas?


    fantastic! you have 2 weeks free of family and commitments and you have money as you’re considering over the Atlantic. If it were me I’d love to explore all the mountains around Northern Italy, top of garda and over to como. Sure there must be guided holidays wherever you choose to go with accomodation and meals included in the price and so there’ll be other people you can chat with & drink with.
    Have fun mate whatever you do and we want pics and a write up when you get back plz.

    Premier Icon giantonagiant

    I have a few quid saved, but the reason for ability to travel is that I have a free return flight with Virgin, after they bumped me off my flight last year!!

    I didn’t contribute to the Virgin vs BA thread yesterday, as I was livid I’d been bumped, but rather chuffed I had a free flit!!

    Premier Icon alan-sierracycling

    Ideally it’ll be from a single base, comfortable accommodation, good food, good company.

    Sounds like us. We have a group of 10 guys out first week of June (their 9th or 10th year with us) so you won´t be short of good company.
    We are based right on the beach, stunning singletrack rides with plenty of bus uplift during the day & fun après-bike on the coast at night. fantastic biking since 1992.

    Premier Icon giantonagiant

    Thanks Alan.

    Are Sierra Cycling the guys that had an epic thread about them on here (not all good?!) or was that one of the others?! I can’t remember.

    Any other ideas from folks?


    Hi “giantonagiant”, please consider us at at the Sierra Nevada, Andalucia, southern Spain , I am sure you cannot go wrong, also please feel free to check out any reference to us on this forum

    Premier Icon Northwind

    I can recommend White Room… And yes, Sierra are that company.

    Also, as a suggestion- if going solo, try and find a place that has a few groups in. A week where everyone else already knows everyone is likely to be less sociable for you than a week when everyone’s getting to know other people.

    Premier Icon mikewsmith

    With Northwind +1 For White Room if they have stuff on those weeks.

    Lots of riders go on their own and hook up with people to ride with within 2 days, it’s such a sociable place.

    Flights are fairly cheap that time of year too, check out Canadian Affair’s fixed flight special offers, I got a return for £289 in June last year.

    Premier Icon stevomcd

    Bit early for us (The White Room). It’s been another massive snow year too! We’re opening on June 15th.

    Member – like others, plenty of previous recommendations/experiences.


    I can highly recommend Moab as have just been there for two weeks.
    Not sure about guiding or tuition though, I’m sure a quick google can sort that.
    The trails there are pretty awesome though Slickrock Trail wasn’t what I thought. Lots of steep, steeeep ups for not much reward. Best trail I rode was Porcupine Rim, best trail I ever rode! Ever!
    We only scratched the surface of what’s available there.
    Several very good bike shops in the town (Poison Spider Bicycles were very helpful and really friendly).

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