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  • Any good youtube channels?
  • Premier Icon 16stonepig
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    I’m really enjoying Seth’s Bike Hacks at the moment. He can ride good, but makes it look like he’s a normal human doing achievable things. Mostly I enjoy his building projects though. He also gives me serious property envy.

    Any other suggestions for some quick 10-15 minute fixes?

    For some reason I do not get on with GMBN at all. The talking heads irk me.

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    We’ve been enjoying Rebuilding Tally Ho, which is an English shipwright named Leo who is skilfully restoring a 1910 wooden yacht over on the NW coast of the USA. Really enjoyable, especially this episode where Leo went to Georgia to mill the oak he needed for the new frames. The miller’s accent is unbelievable:

    Premier Icon darkroomtim
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    Not bike related but ElectroBoom makes me properly laugh:

    Premier Icon simon_g
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    Not necessarily endorsing, but quick look down my subs list at ones you could look at:

    Mahalo / IFHT
    Mtb Trail Hub
    Red Bull Bike
    Skills with Phil
    Daily MTB Rider
    Pithy Bikes
    Reluctant Rider

    Premier Icon kerley
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    DIG BMX – 5-10 minute daily video of very good street BMX riders

    Premier Icon Blackflag
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    Anything that doesn’t have “The Deakinator” on it.

    Premier Icon howard8703
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    Matt Jones channel is quite good, the Pro mtber. Might not be for everyone though

    Premier Icon 16stonepig
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    I have had a quick peek at Skills With Phil. Nice chap.

    Premier Icon chakaping
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    Cathrovision is top of the shop.
    Pinkbike do some good stuff.
    I don’t mind the Deakinator, seems a sound bloke once you get past the “oi oi” bits.

    I do not get on with GMBN at all. The talking heads irk me.

    Some videos are good but they suffer from having to put so much out.

    All filler, not much killer.

    Premier Icon martinhutch
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    BKXC has some good stuff – his UK and Alpine trips in particular, but he does go to some interesting places.

    Not much XC on it, though!

    Premier Icon Onzadog
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    Non bike related, but I like a lot of the Tom Scott stuff. Things you might not know, two of these people are lying and citation needed are good.

    Premier Icon corrieyairack
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    GCN is good, most of the training/fitness stuff carries over and their presenters are good, and actually quite funny. GMBN has some good stuff but a bit daft at times.

    Barry Godin has good bike packing videos of Scotland. There are some great bike packing documentary films on youtube too.

    Premier Icon Klunk
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    a few I frequent

    hand tool rescue
    project binky
    lindy beige
    space time

    Premier Icon 16stonepig
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    Ben Cathro is a good shout. And it made me realise that my favourite channels are those which have a unique goal, and focus on it. Ben Cathro’s work on in-depth race analysis. Seth’s building projects. Something that sets them apart from the channels which just show a bit of everything.

    Premier Icon andytherocketeer
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    Always seem to watch Seth’s Bike Hacks, even though I have little interest in constructed projects or constructed trails, etc.

    Mctrailrider and bkxc – selectively watch those for places I’ve been or interested in going.

    Cathrovision – watch the lot for the race analysis stuff

    Not seen a Barry Godin vid for ages, but used to watch them all (prolly cos they were vimeo, and nobody uses that)

    GCN/GMBN – watch a few, but skip anything to do with big-wheel BMX, and I got a bit bored of half the tech vids (doddy just seems too overkeen and seems to have had one of everything since MTB came about). Mostly watch the ones where they get out in the hills bikepacking etc. or the SDW in a day challenge etc.

    Pinkbike – only ever watch Friday Fails, mainly to justify why I don’t do sick to the power of rad – the best ones are when the bike hits them again from behind, or they get totally submerged in puddle/river.

    non bike stuff – for me it’s periodic videos, standupmaths, numberphile, computerphile,…  and a couple of channels mainly related to hiking the national trails and various wainwrights/munros/etc.

    Premier Icon tillydog
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    He can ride good, but makes it look like he’s a normal human doing achievable things.

    Mctrail Rider is quite like that, too.

    I’m very much drawn into a couple of Dutch guys getting a T55 tank operational again (sub-titles though) – it helps to pass the time between Project Binky fixes: mastermilo82

    He also does some Colin Furze type stuff too.

    Oh, and some of the more recent Beard Brothers stuff on hiking and bike packing is very good.

    For a treat, sit and watch ‘Hooks’

    Premier Icon spooky_b329
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    Second votes for the aforementioned SampsonBoatCo Tally Ho project and Beard Brothers.

    Ed Pratt Unicycling around the world is good.

    Finnegans Garage is a good watch for some US style car projects/silly roadtrips and drag racing.

    Another geeky boat renovation is Sail Life in Denmark. Some of the farmer stuff can be interested, Tom Pemberton is one that keeps popping up on my feed.

    Use to watch a few travel series but they’ve mostly pushing hard for subs which usually involves bikinis for clicks, sensational clickbait titles which riles me, and are pushing out too many videos to keep up with, these being Kombilife, Sailing La Vagabonde, SV Delos. I still watch the odd one but once they start trying to publish new videos twice a week I find I am watching for the sake of it rather than interesting/creative content.

    Premier Icon slowrider
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    Jedi’s channel is always worth a watch. Good mix of skills stuff, honest kit opinions and insane riding

    Premier Icon peaslaker
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    I’m enjoying Biking with Bobo:
    … even if only for the dubbed over fist bumps.

    Premier Icon andypaul
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    only kidding 🙂

    Premier Icon blokeuptheroad
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    I like Seth and a lot of the others mentioned. I also like a lot of his mates. Singletrack sampler for the mix of van life and mtb in great locations. Biking with Bobbo for the juvenile humour and seeing someone who is not a riding god progressing. BKXC for the stunning trails he gets to ride all over the world.

    UK wise, I quite like pinned TV as he is fairly local to me, rides a lot of the trails I ride and seems a fairly down to earth bloke with a genuine passion for what he does. Dave Jenvey for the crashes and ordinary blokeness.

    Premier Icon Muke
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    In no particular order…

    Maximus Ironthumper


    Harry Dwyer

    Laura Kampf

    Bad Obsession Motorsport


    Dave Jenvey (This guys sheer determination to succeed despite all his crashes is amazing)

    Baskett Case

    Sebastian Keep

    Premier Icon kayak23
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    Mike Boyd vids are quite entertaining, where he learns how to do shit. Quite a few of them in there.

    Sam Pilgrim is great. A few on here particularly enjoy his bike build videos 😂

    How it’s Made

    Sam Reynolds is a good crossover from Deaks and Matt Jones.

    Ali Clarkson

    Premier Icon stanfree
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    Cathro , Wyntv, BKXC , Dudes of Hazard , Paul the punter, reluctant rider, skills with phill , seths bike etc etc. For non biking 1bike1world is the best guy on youtube , A young dude from Dunbar travelling the world and saving the planet.

    Premier Icon lobby_dosser
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    Second Cathrovision, i like his dulcet tones and he comes across as a genuine guy.
    Yoann Barelli for his mad as a box of frogs videos, especially ‘Into the gnarr’ serious.
    BCPOV is ok
    BKXC/McTrail rider, I can watch with the volume turned down as their hoops and high pitch laughing can grate.

    Get fit with Natasha is always a good watch.

    Premier Icon Gachet
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    From my subscriptions list, I watch all of these regularly:

    Pinned TV
    Ben Cathro
    The Lost Co
    Aaron Gwin
    Worldwide Cyclery
    Vital MTB
    GMBN Tech
    Matt Jones
    Awesome MTB
    The Syndicate
    Pinkbike (mainly for the EWS content)
    Daily MTB rider
    Will Easey
    Jeff Kendall-Weed
    Island Bike Life
    Bike Magazine

    Premier Icon Trailrider Jim
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    Pinned TV. Shropshire based MTB videos with a down-to-earth, real-world UK riding feel.

    Premier Icon olly2097
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    Hell on earth – urban exploring

    Premier Icon oreetmon
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    Dustin kliens gravel adventures.

    Good music, nice bloke, lovely views.

    Premier Icon paton
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    Premier Icon senor j
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    Lols at Andy Paul.
    +1 for Barry Godin.
    Maybe not Gnar enough for most on here , but if you like CX try Cameron Mason & Trinity Racing.
    Great tunes and some good footage of elite cx.
    Bombtrack cycles.
    Jenny Tough.
    Randomtandem cheers me up no end as does Rapha gone racing.
    If you want to check out the exciting world of Audax and deliveroo served with a wry sense of humour try Adam Watkins. Probably my favourite ,seriously , although there is a bit of talking head sorry.. 🙂
    Quite staggering how many cycling youtubers there are these days. Hurrah.

    Premier Icon muggomagic
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    Gee Milner for his dream builds
    Pinkbike and their Privateer, Humbled, Hot Laps, Field test series and anything with Levy
    Mahalo my dude – especially the trip to Japan, that is an epic video
    Fox – I really enjoy the Dialed WC videos. Jordi has the patience of a saint.
    Kirt Vories
    Trippin Fellaz
    Vital MTB
    Yoann Barelli and his into the gnar

    Premier Icon peaslaker
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    [mini gloat]I trapped Cathro in a gondola chat up at Fort Bill for the Scottish enduro round. Shot the breeze on Troy’s run at worlds / “best world cup ever” (Bruni/Pierron/Hart) / Frenchies and the number of riders who pick up a confidence “wave” in the course of a season vs how one rider used to pick up confidence and dominate.

    Unfortunately he didn’t have any useful guidance for how I could pick up my confidence in the face of the upcoming enduro.

    Seen him at a few of these. Always takes the time to chat. Top bloke and an epic racer.

    Premier Icon danposs86
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    Some non-biking channels I am subbed to:

    Peter McKinnon:

    Little King Goods:

    Crafted Workshop (you might recognise him you you watch Seth or Singletrack Samplers channels):

    Driftworks (some great car builds):

    Also a bike one, Backyard Trail Builds, short videos of a guy building trails in his yard:

    Premier Icon paton
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