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  • Any good trails around Nailsworth ?
  • stuthompson

    Anyone know of any good trails around the Nailsworth area? I’ve cover most of Woodchester park (unofficially of course !) but there must be lots more in the glorious 5 valleys !


    I can recommend calling in to Cytek Cycles in stroud – they know the area well. you know the drill, biccies and a chat )

    Premier Icon peteimpreza

    Tang to the forum !!

    Loads. I live there.

    How far do you want to go and what terrrain ?
    I may have some mapped out already.

    If you know Woodchester park have you explored Nympsfield woods and the escarpment down over the egde of Selsley Common.

    The bridle path from Kingscote Barn through to Horsley.
    Shipton's Grave Lane from Horsley out to Minchinhampton / across Gatcombe park land.
    Hampton Fields then past Peaches Farm……………

    Alternatively from Horsley across to Tetbury Lane, down through Hazel Wood ( above the Weighbridge ) and up to Minchinhampton.

    Along the escarpment from Nympsfield, roughly along the Cotswold Way out towards Wotton under Edge. Bagpath through to Ozleworth Bottom.


    Thanks Peter S, much appreciated. I've done Nymps woods and down into King Stanley – nice hill climb back upto Selsley peak !

    I normally get out between one and two hours, so cover between 10 to 20 miles typically – these valley hills really drag your average speed down!
    Terrain, the challenging the better. Some nice twisty single track and some killer climbs (that will be my road tendancy coming out!)always make it intresting
    What's Hazlewood like ? I hear Chalford / Bisley has some woods worth checking out ??

    Best place for post ride Espresso…got to be Tom's place – Hobbs. Just what's needed for the climb up spring hill.

    Totally agree on average speed, if I manage 10mph average I'm happy.

    I'll take a look at my GPS plots and post some details on good climbs, won't be tonight though.

    Hazel Wood down to The Weighbridge is a great twisty singletrack, but you need to ride it a few times to discover which route you like.
    The trail fairies have build a rough bridge over the stream bed which is superb at speed in the dry …. but deadly in the wet. I've done a two wheel slide ( wheels out sideways ) on slippery timber straight off the bridge edge which is embarrasing.

    Further down you have the choice of the open route to the right of the stream or down the stream. The gate at the road is always closed, which is just as well.

    If you really like a tough climb try it uphill….

    If you like strong coffee ask Paddy in The Olive Tree for coffee with 5 shots, that's how I take mine and it is excellent. They have their own blend of coffe and it is very good.

    There are many routes up Spring Hill rather than straight up, the one I like is via The Village Inn, then The Britannia, up the Rollers and join the hill half way up. Rather depends where you are heading from there.


    If you want some new riding around Wotton you can meet up with us on Wednesday & Sunday nights – website here


    Thanks Peter. I'll try and check out Hazle wood Sunday morning. I will let you know if I make it over the bridge in these wet conditions !
    Thanks EDGEMTB – I'll try and get over soon for a session.

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