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  • Any good mobile deals on at the moment?

    £15 will get 2000 text and 100 mins but mix and match and a free phone.

    Bloody hell in my days you’d get wallnut for xmas… 😉

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    Whom are you with? Call them and bargain till they drop.

    Had two phones with 3 called them to get an iPhone 4, as a customer with 2 mobile numbers and a wireless broadband with them I thought I could get a better deal than what they advertised. No go whatsoever it was what they advertised so I said thanks but no thanks.

    Call them to turn the contract I had with them to PAYG and then to keep me on pay monthly they offered 18 month contract with 5£ a month yes that is five, 300mins and 300 texts and a Nokia 5300….

    Had the same prob with you vrapan – 3 used to give me cracking deals for 8 yrs now and wouldn’t budge till I threatened to leave so they reduced the contract and added more mins and a free iphone 4 but I did speak to the manager and in broken Hindi (worked in India for a year) and he approved it.


    Thing is why should you ring again? well why are you changing if you had loads of money? you want a deal so haggle.

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    Need to get a new contract and phone for my daughter. Should be (a) cheap (less than 15 pounds per month) and (b) offer zillions or unlimited texts. Nice, shiny phones would be a bonus.

    Anyone seen a good deal lately?



    Agree with vrapan. Call them up and haggle! I got 25 free picture texts a month with my pay-as-I-go deal after calling Vodafone.

    Wow though, £5 a month – that’s awesome!

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