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  • Any girlies done the Mega?
  • JonEdwards

    Trying to talk my other half into it. She’s a decent all day rider, but no downhill goddess. I didn’t think the course was *that* tough last year – certainly no harder than anything you could find in the Peaks, but she’s seen too many of the youtube vids, which have put the wind up her.

    So. Any of the STW girlies done it who’d care to comment on their experiences?

    solomanda has done it, he’s a girl

    Premier Icon Bunnyhop

    Try There are some downhilling types on there.
    I know in my group of female riding buddies, there is no-one.

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    mrmichaelwright – Member

    solomanda has done it, he’s a girl

    Wetting myself with laughter! He will be amused when he reads this 😉

    Met the woman that came 2nd in the 2007 Mega race (dunno where she finished in 08) in a Pub the night before the qualifier. Obviously a bit quick mind, sponsored by Trek and all.

    Liking the comment about it being no harder than anything you could find in the Peaks. OK, possibly certain bits in isolation maybe, but string the whole lot together in over an hour of total abuse of mind body and soul, and approximately 2500m total vertical descent! Show me where this trail is in the Peaks, I’ll pack my bags up now as I’m moving there! 😛

    Oh, and qualifier track much tougher than the actual Mega track, though mega track is longer it’s less intense.


    LOL at MichaelWright!

    Length isn’t really the issue in this case (she’ll be doing it for the experience rather than as a balls out race) – its the pure technicality of the terrain itself that’s more the problem.


    I am pretty sure that Sara at has ridden it.
    It may be worth dropping her an email to get her comments/feedback on it.

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    My wife did the Mega last year – PM me and I’ll put them in touch.

    Sara from Flow does it every year too and arranges a good girlie practice day with Petra Wiltshire (the Trek-sponsored legend)

    IMO, there are some knarly bits, but in the race you’ll probably be walking those due to traffic anyway. It’s more of an endurance test. She’ll love it.

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    I went out there with my good lady last year, and we rode together for a lot of the week, although she didn’t do the race. She was a bit cagey towards the start of the week but started really enjoying it towards the end, and did quite a few bits of the course (not the top though) but I think the race itself would have been a bit much for her. I’d agree about the course being tamer than the hype suggests, but it has some pretty daunting sections, and it’s just a lot more intense and easier to mess up when you’re in a race situation.

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    Yep – Sara’s done it twice. We’ll be back for more this year.
    Anyone can do it – just take your time. Hardest bits on the main race are up after the snow – there’s some rocky drops and some off-camber scree…


    Which one of those three is very slim and blond. Bumped into her and had a quick chat at afan shortly after the mega cus I had my qualifiers jersey on. A mate who rides with me said only three brit girls did it last year. Not sure if he’s correct though.


    One of our past guests did it this year, in the pissing wet and mud.

    She became the fasteest british girl to complete it (9th overall) after Tracey Moseley couldnt be arsed to do it.

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