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  • Any full-time dads out there?
  • b r

    What made it bearable and engaging for you?

    The internet…


    Got to say, I really hate the phrase “full time dad/mum” it’s not like there’s a part time option.

    House-husband is the word you’re looking for. Or stay-at-home dad if you must.


    Well, I’d mostly be hanging out at baby cafes etc hitting on the other mums…

    But then I’m a vile pervert!


    House-husband is the word you’re looking for. Or stay-at-home dad if you must

    I think those are worse! ‘House-husband’ sounds like you’re married to the house and ‘stay-at-home dad’ sounds like you never go out or are just plain lazy. I’ve gone from having a full-time occupation to being a full-time dad, so I’m sticking with it.

    Internet is great, but it’s tough to divide attention between a baby and a keyboard. I prefer the cafe/walk/swimming type stuff if there’s opportunity, but that’s obviously only for a portion of the day. And yummy mums have their limitations – a separate tribe generally to be admired from a distance.


    I just became a full-time father to my 6-month old boy. While this is mostly a pleasure, it’s also quite an adjustment.

    Just wondered what other full-time dads’ experiences have been. What did you get up to through the day? What made it bearable and engaging for you?

    I’m looking forward to getting hold of a bike seat/trailer and a child carrier backpack to help get us out into the Peaks and around trails in South Yorkshire.

    If full-time employment presents to me, however, both my partner and I are ready to switch roles.


    I currently aspire to this status – will be ‘taking the gloves off’ this summer so could be a mere 18-24 months or so until I’m knee deep in shitty nappies and the wife heads back to work.

    rob jackson

    I would kill to be in your position, love spending time with my little girl! the more you do the more it is ACE!

    Premier Icon vinnyeh

    Four years and counting here, with six and seven year olds.
    Best thing ever as far as I’m concerned. Has its ups and downs, but its fantastic seeing the change and growth in kids on a day to day basis. Winter time they need lots of direction, and it can be a bit of a grind trying to keep them stimulated each day, but in the summer it seems a lot easier- I guess because I’m more of an outdoors type.
    Financial pragmatism means that my wife is working- it’s pretty hard on her since her work is very demanding, and she doesn’t see the kids much during the week, but since she can get away with six- nine months work a year we get to spend a lot of family time together which helps. It does mean that I need to make quite an effort to make sure that she feels like she’s sharing in the kids development equally.

    Whatever happens you’re privileged, not many men get the opportunity to see so much of their kids when they’re changing so rapidly.
    Mind, it’s not for everybody, and nothing wrong with that either.

    Premier Icon Drac

    Being a shift worker I spent a lot of time with my kids preschool, managed to work too old fashioned these days I know.

    During the day was easy, feed, change, change, feed , nap for the kids, feed, change. In between that simple walks with the dog, pop down to the beach buf a lot of the time was spent in Alnwick Gardens using a season pass. Walk down there and they could crawl, walk and run around safely whilst I chilled in the sun watching them. Also took them places for lunch they’ve loved that from a young age, cafes pubs or ice cream parlours.

    Just remember what you enjoyed as a kid, nothing’s changed much.

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