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    I have an issue with the central locking.

    When i use the key fob to unlock the car, all doors ‘click’ but the driver’s door doesn’t unlock. Similarly locking it, all doors except the driver’s lock.

    If I unlock the front door with the key, all doors unlock at the same time. However it doesn’t disable the alarm so i also have to unlock with the fob to disable it.

    Before I drag it to the dealers to look at, any chance it is some kind of special code to click the buttons on the fob in a certain way to reset it? Or is it something ‘mechanical’?

    Try holding the button on the fob for 2 seconds. Its a safety feature on a lot of cars to stop people jumping in…


    It might need a ‘recode/reset’ thing…when was it last in for a service? Each time the SMax was in for a service, we’d get it back and the windows would all do random things (if you press and hold the unlock button the the remote, the windows should open – ours did but never closed or would open randomly) – the key needed reset/reprogramming on the car – was a 10 minute fix by the garage.

    Premier Icon theotherjonv

    Not been serviced since I’ve had it (6 months) but entirely possible my wife or daughters have reprogrammed it by accident.


    sounds like a dodgy solenoid on the driver side not disengaging the lock.


    Had this happen with both of our focus’s. adjusted operating rod between handle and lock mechanism, sorted.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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