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  • Any Festina watch experts in the house?
  • Premier Icon Potdog

    I’m sat here looking at one of these in the duty free on my ferry at 200 € and thinking it could be a good investment, especially in the TDF 100 guise. But I don’t know enough to be sure its something thats going to appreciate in value rather than depreciate?

    Any advice before I loose signal?

    Festina are the dope!


    It will never be worth more than you pay for it.
    It’s a cheap fashion watch so not desirable as an investment, it’s quartz for a start so not even a respected valjoux or eta movement.

    Premier Icon Potdog

    Thanks for that. Was getting mixed stories from t’interweb searches. It was the TDF 100 bit that was making me think.
    Think I’ll pass as it’s not a watch I’d ever wear. Way too big for my skinny wrists.

    As bad as wearing Livestrong stuff, IMHO.

    Premier Icon tomhoward

    Just don’t let customs see it if you do get it. I seem to remember it was a right royal pain for the last guy they caught


    I did like advert for the Chrono bike range they had during the TDF! But a watch is a watch Imo. One watch tells the time as good as another, right?!

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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