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  • Any Felt Compulsion 2 SE riders?
  • acorlett
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    This one is still a tempting bargain – but no-one seems to be buying them?! Is this purely cos of the lack of reviews?
    Does anyone have any experience of these bikes?
    Am looking for a do-everything bike (who isn’t) that can handle rough Scottish epics, occasional FC trail centre visits, as well as being genuinely rideable on all-day non-technical LRT runs. Tempted by the above, but it seems heavy, short and steep.
    Have googled and googled but not found much…

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    I bought a Felt Virtue 2 a few months ago. It’s my first full sus so haven’t got anything to really compare against but I really like the bike I think it’s fun and fast I’m certainly pleased with it. Sorry it’s not the same bike but Felt’s a very highly regarded on the road scene.

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    Got a Felt Redemption Here.

    Different bike really, but very very good fun on the decents, and even though it is heavy, very good on the climbs too.

    The suspension system is very impressive, with minimal bobbing etc…but works well when you need it to.

    Plus the best bit…nobody has a bloody clue what the bike is… ;)

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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