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  • Any facebook/orange/blackberry tech experts?
  • CountZero

    Sounds like a BlackBerry™ © ® server issue, rather than Orange/Facebook to me.
    But I could be very wrong.

    Premier Icon convert

    My wife’s blackberry – might as well remove the phone “app” – it’s just a vessel for facebook from what I can see. Which means it’s a shame that it’s stopped working as a Facebooking handset at home for the past few months. Absolutely fine out and about with updates all the time. At home the reception is dire -even straight 2G goes in and out. Using our netgear router the phone links up fine and normal internet is great as are calls in the house as it uses Orange’s UMA “signal boost” system. Facebook says no though – “we cannot reach facebook server at this time. please try again later (100)”. Always the same message.

    So, tired of the earache I’ve vowed to sort it. However, any advice who to approach first as I’m concious I’m about to start a merry-go-round being moved from Orange to Talktalk(ISP) to Blackberry to Facebook to netgear.

    Where would you start?

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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