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  • Any ex science teachers on here?
  • TiRed

    Could someone expand on the subject of bioengineering being a good area to get into, do you mean specifically bacteriophage therapy….or any biotech area eg nanobiotechnology etc

    Bioprocess engineering. The production of therapeutic proteins by effectively mass cell culture. 6/10 of eh world’s best selling medicines are therapeutic proteins ad most of the forthcoming medical advances in drug therapy are likely to come from the same route.

    Or you could go into brewing – it’s pretty much the same skill.


    I’ve still not found another job teaching.

    Any other suggestions? I’m not going to go into research/ do a pHd.


    Premier Icon tonyg2003

    OP I’d look to move to industry. I post-doc’d for 7yrs and decided that I wouldn’t make it to run a group so moved to Biotech. I’ve worked in 3 companies for the last 12 years and now run my clinical genetics company which I’d partner in. Although it’s hard to get into industry good people progress. The main issue you find is that lab scientists sometimes have a negative view of industry, particularly the sales side.

    Premier Icon Garry_Lager

    Get into brewing maybe? Real ale is an unstoppable force at the moment, which does suggest that the optimal time may have passed (at least in the UK) to get involved, but there are surely still opportunities.

    If you could go overseas with it that might be easier. Train to brew here in the UK – the temple of ale. Then go forth as an ale missionary to distant lands, casting out lager to the outer darkness.

    Real ale bar in somewhere like St Sebastian, Northern Spain, would be bang tidy.

    My university had a brewing degree, one of 2 in the english speaking world at the time, but I hated beer with a passion at uni and never thought about how employable a brewing degree would have made me.

    Perhaps that might be a goer.



    I switched from teaching to policing via a number of IT based jobs. Both are more about job satisfaction than pay and conditions. I have to say although policing can involve long hours at least when I leave that’s it.

    Terms/pay/pensions are taking a bit of a hit at the moment but I still wouldn’t do anything else..

    Premier Icon mikewsmith

    General advice again but it is worth a go, make a list of your skills
    Time Management
    Without using the word teacher or school….

    That is a skill set you have that is independent of your job, it’s transferable. Go and speak to some specialist recruiters ( a long time ago but SRG were quite good when I used them for scientific work)

    Depending on where you live it will make things easier or harder.

    On top of that there is the freelance training and development side where you get to teach people who want to learn.

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