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  • Any EMT's/Paramedics on here
  • Premier Icon Drac

    I am and have worked in the Ambulance service for very nearly 20 years, 15 years of which as a Paramedic.

    It's a good job, very secure, depending on where you work shift patterns can give good time off, pay wise starts off a bit naff but gets better with more yeas service and progression. Downsides are you'll work weekends, bank holidays and christmas but as a bonus you get out on the trails when it's quiet. You will at times have bad episodes but you also experience some highs and laughs. Best things I like are freedom your left alone most of the time your essentially your own boss, each day is different and companionship is always good.

    Fire me an email if you have any question I'll try to help, although I may forget – found an email the other day from someone I was meant to answer months back. Sorry.


    I may have the oppotunity of retraining as an EMT/Paramedic, this will be a total career change for me although I do some SAR work at the moment and am a volunteer medic.

    Just wondered if anybody on here is Ambulance crew and how you enjoy your jobs.

    Premier Icon Woody

    As Drac says 🙂

    It was a complete career departure for me but the job satisfaction hugely outways the downsides and I wish I'd done it years ago.

    The money is reasonable depending on what you are used to earning and where you live and it can always be topped up with overtime, which is why I'm typing this at 0440 on a bank holiday Monday on double time 😉

    Premier Icon Drac

    You greedy feker! 😆

    On nights too but normal shifts so an extra 3 hours hols for me.

    Premier Icon lowey

    My one biggest regret not training to be a paramedic. I suppose everyone when they get to a certain age finally realises what they actually wanted to do with their lives, however it came to late for me.

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