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  • Any dentists in the house?
  • My eldest lad chipped his tooth today playing dodge ball, is this something that they’ll repair, cosmetically, on the NHS?

    Thanks for any advice


    Get him to the Dentist, They will advise!

    Advice for your son…. Dodge the ball! 🙄

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    Bust mine diagonally bit more than that at a similar age. Started off with temporary caps over it until I finished playing rugby then invested in gold post and crown which I still have and is a pretty good match to be fair.

    He did dodge the ball, just hit a wall doing so


    They should do it on the NHS, lucky you having an NHS dentist! I had mine snapped by a fist when I was 18, all I can say is thankfully your son isn’t old enough to worry about the vanity side of things. Pulling a girl when you have half a front tooth is challenging 🙂

    If you can go for a perm fix rather than a large filling then do so, I had mine built up as I couldn’t afford the crown and I have snapped it 4 times in 20 odd years. Right royal pain in the ass especially if it happens when grinding your teeth in your sleep in a hotel in Switzerland 😳


    dead easy to fix that, will be available on NHS for free as he’s under 18. Its just a composite (ie tooth coloured filling) build up. They can occasionally fracture off if you bite fingernails or chew on pen tops like some people do. A fracture like that shouldnt need a crown, but if the filling didnt work (ie failed several times) then they might consider a crown or veneer when he’s a bit older. Would still be available on NHS though.

    Just ring your dentist monday morning.

    Where are you based? If you dont have a dentist and are in the Lakes PM me and i’ll sort it out for you.

    As above
    Happy to help if northern Ireland handier than lakes!


    I had a similar snap about 20 years ago and just had it built up. It started to discolour a few years ago so I had it redone.

    Thanks for all the advice.

    We’re based in Leeds but fortunately he is registered at an NHS dentist; as someone, touchwood, whose never had to use any NHS service my whole life, I was having Daily Mail type images of doors being slammed in my face for something that ultimately is non essential treatment apart from the cosmetic aspect.

    I’ll let you know how we get on.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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