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  • Any dentists in?? Help needed
  • phildowling
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    Haven’t been to my dentist for years…last time i went i was a student and it was FOC however i seem to have a lack of filling in one tooth and a crack in another.

    Now i have to pay, unless i can join a uni between now and when i get an appointment.

    Bill wise am i looking at an Argos bike or a Santa Cruz nomad kinda level?? kinda £50 or £++++++ 😕

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    NHS or private dentist? They both charge but the private one could be expensive depending on which materials are used to complete the job. NHS has fixed charge maximum. Filing in a private dentist will run £150-ish (memory hazy on this).

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    NHS i think been so long! Materials? Perhaps i could take my own pollyfiller?

    (Memory haze…is this from the laughing gas?)

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    😀 I got quoted for a cracked tooth and a small filling at £80 each for white by my mixed private/NHS dentist. Problem is she also wants to replace two existing white ones so I’m looking at £320 minimum 🙁

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    Dentists need Nomads too!

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