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  • Any deals on good CX /road disc brakes out there
  • Premier Icon Speshpaul

    anybody spotted any cracking deals on discs brakes for a CX bike?
    hopefully something that works:-)
    any suggestions?

    Premier Icon crazy-legs

    I’m using a Hope V-Twin set up on mine.

    Ultegra levers going to the under-stem hydraulic converter. 160mm front, 140mm rear standard rotors.

    I thought about getting SRAM full hydraulics when I was building it, glad I didn’t!

    At the moment, in terms of availability and compatibility, I’d say it’s between the Hope and the TRP Spyre. Shimano do a full hydraulic disc but only with Di2 which is ££. With my set up, I can change just the shifters or just the mech without being tied into any one system.

    Doubt you’ll find any amazing deals, it’s all too new for that.


    Plenty of cable brakes available too – no idea re deals.

    Premier Icon Speshpaul

    i can’t really justify the cost of new hydraulics at the mo, could run to some s/h hopes maybe.
    I had some BB7 MTB’s with travel adjusters they were almost ok. Changed frame and tried cantis – that was funny. running mini V now and they want to work but the pads are made of teflon.
    i could put some high falootin pads in but Koolstops are a good way towards some cable disc calipers. then i could revert back to the old frame. around and around i go 😀
    By the way i’m not racing just riding up and down hills in th winter.


    Someone was selling some Hope V-Twin’s in the classifieds this week.

    TRP Hy/Rd’s get some great reviews but you’ll be waiting 4 weeks for stock to come in.

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