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  • Any cross country skiers out there?
  • mrchrist

    I fancy giving cross country skiing a go as I reckon my local trails would be great for it. Thinking telemark type skis would be best with an option to clip the heel in. I am not talking about ski touring in the Cairngorms on on some munros just through my local woods and on a few bridle ways at this stage.

    I can ski downhill but know nothing about this topic, can anyone offer any advice on getting started?


    Be prepared for aching legs! I did this when I was in the army team as part of my training programme, it is completely different to downhill! Although I was the fittest in my regiment it was still hard work! Enjoy. 🙂


    Cross country skis are great for covering distance, and would be good fun at the min. However they are very very difficult downhill on the type of snow we have at the min. You will fall 🙂


    Ha ha yeah heard it was harder and more tiring. Still want to give it a go:)

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    If it is ungroomed then I recommend waxless (fish scale) nordic touring skis and boots. Compatability between boots and bindings is as much of a maze as bike headsets so purchase with care. Descending is tricky; as the heels are not locked down. Only AT kit lets you lock the heel down and that is more for full off piste style skiing. There is a lot of technique to going well but it can feel great.

    Not sure what else to add at this point but ask away…..


    Where are you MrC?

    They do it all year round on wheels at Hillingdon Cycle Ciruit, I know not the same as the real thing, but probably decent for getting used to it and training.


    Live in leeds. Just looking at a club in the dales actually…

    Think the Nordic touring a skis sound good will do a bit of research on them thanks v much.


    With cut loype cross country skis can be very skinny but on your local trails un cut you’d want a Nordic backcountry ski with a bit of side cut and steel edges to give you some chance on the downhills. You don’t need telemark bindings but a suitable binding such as a Rottefella NNN BC, or the Soloman equivalent, and obviously boots to match. The best way to learn is a Ryan air flight to Norway, hire some skis and give it a go on cut trails (of which there are loads). In Norway wax less skis are very much frounded on, however hey are more prevalent in Europe. There is an amazing network of huts in Norway for hut to hut skiing, would be fun to try in the summer by bike.


    This guy was pretty helpful, and had some good deals when I started.
    The fischer e99 are a bargain, waxless, which is better for the recreational skier in this country and with full metal edges to help with control when you’re as shite as me 🙂

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