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  • robidoo

    Over the last few days when doing a google search I type what I want,google finds what I am looking for.
    But after I click on it and it goes in the address bar I get re-directed to some random sites that have little or no relevence.
    Whats going on?
    Cheers Rob.

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    pwned by spyware/virus
    Run AV then Spybot or similar and see what comes up from that


    Sounds like some sort of Malware.

    Download Malware Bytes Anti-Malware and this will sort the problem. You may need to download it on a different computer and copy it across using a memory stick if you cannot get to the right website!


    And make sure your version of your browser (i’m assuming IE) is uptodate.


    You only need Spybot S&D and it’s free.
    Get it from

    If it doesn’t remove it first time (it probably will) you may need to deactivate system restore then run it again.
    You can switch system restore back on afterwards.

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    Superantispyware gets rid of stuff that spybot can’t manage


    SpyBot should sort it out, and I would ditch IE and switch to Mozilla in the future if you haven’t already

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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