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  • Any cheap shoes for flats?
  • Premier Icon danti

    Newbie to flats and am after a cheap pair.

    Been looking at sports direct web site and Airwalk trainers and was wondering if anyone uses them and what tread patterns are the most grippy for nano pedals.

    Any others I should be looking at?


    Airwalk are as cheap as chips for a reason – and one of those is that the soles are very hard polyurethane. About as much grip as a freshly-buttered weasel.

    That said I use a pair but I had some stealth rubber soles put on them by Feet First in Chesterfield. Which cost more than the shoes did 😯 …

    worth looking in T-K MAX , you can sometimes get cheapo Vans , the waffle soles stick like shit to a blanket

    Premier Icon kimbers

    cheap vans ftw, some of them cab quite soft soled though, make sure they are reasonably stiff

    Premier Icon hot_fiat

    The only airwaly to use are “The one” which have the original hexagonal airwalk tread, mainly found on fleabay now, though occasionaly in TK Maxx and lillywhites, otherwise they’re just imitation skate shoes and generally to be avoided.

    Duffs, etnies & vans are all good.

    Premier Icon Northwind

    Trouble with skate shoes is they’re very variable… My old Vans Bricks were great bike shoes, the Vans Baxters I got last year were absolutely rubbish.

    See if you can find some Sombrios in your size, they were going very cheap recently, my Shazams and Floats are great


    Some of the Nike 6.0s can be had cheaply if you don’t mind them being a horrid colourway. Soles seem to be a bit variable too though, based on what colour they are.

    I’d second the Sombrios though. Kicking myself for not having bought more when they were cheap and readily available.


    Sombrios here too, may still be some sizes left at CRC if you’re lucky.

    I just got some teva links mids from rutland cycles for £40 massive bargain if you like boots way better than my etnies .you need the extra 10% code to reduce them to 40—Red—Sale.html

    They look wierd in the pic but in real life they look really good and grip very well .ive changed mine to the black laces though

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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