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  • Any chance of getting out of Virgin Active Diamond memberhip?
  • rj
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    Tried to cancel my Virgin Active membership yesterday and was told that I’d missed the cancellation date by a month and would have to wait another 11 months before I can stop it because I’m on a rolling contract. Anyone managed to get out of one of these contracts or am I completely stuffed?

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    fake own death ?

    Rolling 12 month contract seems rather harsh, checked the small print ?

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    Send them a letter saying you have served the 12 months and are hearby giving them 1 months termination notice.

    Cancel your direct debit after that and don’t worry about it.

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    Does, doesn’t it. The small print says I have to cancel by the 17th of the month prior to the anniversary of joining. When I suggested I would just cancel the direct debit, they suggested that they would pass it straight to a debt recovery agency, my credit rating would be devastated, my wife would leave me, I’d lose the house and end up living on the streets drinking Buckfast and eating domestic pets.

    Or words to that effect.

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    Boots will do chilled meths if you ask nicely 😀

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    IANAL, but I believe this could constitute an unfair contract term, and as such unenforceable.


    It certainly looks one sided. Send them a note setting out your view and cancel the DD.

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