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  • Any Bulb or Octpus electricity deals out there?
  • Premier Icon Mary Hinge

    Leccy contract ends 29 Feb. Octopus looks suitable, might go Bulb if a better deal.

    Will have a look at top cashback but wondering if anyone spotted any decent deals or if there any switch codes with good bonuses around.


    Premier Icon matt_outandabout

    I’ll share a referral to octopus with you. £50 each.

    Pm me

    Premier Icon cynic-al

    Just check their own websites and comparison sites (remember to click to get then to show you the whole market).

    Build are on uSwitch I think, who are on Quidco. In fact so are Bulb but only for £20. Octopus aren’t.

    Bulb are pretty shocking of you have a problem 3 months to get them to recognise one of the two new meters they fitted.
    Emails get a reply when you have forgotten all about them
    The smart meters don’t work, they say because the dcc network is too weak where I live, dcc say other wise

    The price is good though, the app is easy to give meter readings

    And I do have a referral code if anyone wants one 😊


    Octopus Agile if you’re prepared to put a bit of effort into saving money. Message me for referral code

    Premier Icon sadexpunk

    aaaaaand just for balance, we’ve always had good service from bulb, message me if youd like a referral, again, £50 to each of us.

    Premier Icon andybrad

    again another offer of a referral code for 50 quid.

    I don’t want to sell you a feferral code for octopus energy
    I am ever so slightly biased as my mate works for them occasionally
    They are excellent, simple plans written in plain English, monthly self billing so both sides know exactly where you are balance wise
    I was £125 in credit and got an auto pop up recommending lowering my monthly dd.

    Premier Icon Mary Hinge

    Thanks all, it’s looking good for octopus then.


    Another happy Octopus user here, was £200 in credit after referalls from friends and family so dropped DD amounts.

    Much cheaper than previous supplier (utility warehouse)

    Premier Icon pampmyride

    Enough Octopus code offers then. As above they have done everything right in the last year – including refund of excess balance. Hope they can keep it up, unlike previous energy suppliers….

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