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  • Any blades fans in Sheffield ….
  • I have a spare ticket for the match against swindon this afternoon

    Weirdly the ticket is near ours but not right next to us – so you dont even have to put up with me amd my niys you just get to watch the match!

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    In Burnley but working today.

    Not been this season, I’m slacking.


    As a Bournemouth fan I would just like to wish Swindon good luck today!


    I once went on a stag do with a load of Wednesday fans, spent all night singing ‘oh I’d rather be a p**i than a blade’ to the tune of she’ll be coming round the mountain. Racist football morons, my sister married well!

    Ha ha – feel the need to point out I’m not a fan of football but my 8&9 year old boys are. They have been given 4 free tickets and that is the only reason we are going

    I will be spending most of my time trying to lalala over the rude bits of the songs

    Slightly torn in who to support – sheffield has been my home for 16 years but I am originally from Wiltshire, but when I said to the boys id be cheering on Swindon they weren’t impressed.

    I am trying to keep them focused on the game rather than the gang mentality that goes with fanatically supporting one team.


    You’re taking an 8 & 9yr old!?
    I’d probably recommend some discussion beforehand about the colourful language you’ll encounter especially about female genitalia. BUT as a woman if you ask any offenders around you to cease & point out you have kids they’ll probably comply.

    They have been before, luckily my 9 year old will get tunnel vision and sit mesmerised for the whole game the 8 year old will either do that or talk incessantly. So that and my lalala-ing cover most of it

    Plus they know the rules – you’re not allowed to swear until you’ve been to university or worked for 5 years 🙂


    I was 5 when my dad took me to my first Rotherham game! Did me no harm!

    As mentioned I’m from Rotherham so already damaged goods lol.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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