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  • Any banshee owners out there?
  • graeme87

    I’m considering buying a 2014 spitfire frame and just looking for opinions?

    Ive got a 2013 spitfire with fox ctd and absolutely love it ūüôā its stiff , rails berms , likes getting air and loves going downhill but is easy on the ups too. The ks link suspension is great ,very plush but still gives a good platform when pedalling .I use mine for everything which includes chicksands bike park, cross country , commuting and this weekend im booked on the uplifts in the forest of dean. It gets alot of admirers too as you dont see many about:) mine wieghs in at 30.1 Ib .heres a couple of pictures


    Thanks for that. Looks great. Did u just buy the frame or as a whole bike? That’s a good weight it’s coming in at aswell. Where did u buy it from?

    I brought the frame back at the end of may and built it myself . Heres the spec

    Medium banshee spitfire v2 with the slack chipset installed and 12×142 rear axle
     Fox ctd trail adjust kashima shock(it took a while to dial this in properly but now im really liking it )
     Rockshox 150mm revelation with 20mm maxle
      Rockshox reverb 
    Shimano xt brakes with 180mm rotors
     Shimano slx double cranks 22-36
     E thirteen trs duel chain guide and bash 
    Shimano slx shifters 
    Shimano slx 10 speed cassette 11-34
     Shimano slx shadow + rear derailleur
     Sram x7 front derailleur
     Kmc chain
     Hope headset
     Hope bottom bracket
     hope hoops with stans flow ex rims fitted with schwalbe hans dampfs (Tubeless)
     Raceface atlas 50mm stem
     raceface atlas kash money handlebars cut to 750mm
     raceface half nelson grips 
    Nukeproof pedals
     Charge spoon saddle

    I got the frame from rob at bikeactive he was really helpfull

    Im considering going 1×10 with a raceface narrow /wide chainring and zee clutch mech in the near future



    I posted this thread yesterday asking the very same question! I’m very keen on a Spitfire and am sooo close to ordering. I like the versatility and tweekability and so far have only heard good things. The new frames are supposed to be a bit lighter as well.

    I’m looking at a CCDB out back and a RS Rev RCT3 up front for now but may stretch to new Pikes in time, especially when all the 26″ disappears of the face of the planet and we’re forced to ride 650b ūüėÜ

    Interested to hear how your thinking of setting yours up graeme87


    At the moment I’m thinking if I get one I’m going to run it 26 with all the bits off my alpine, got x0 running gear and easton haven wheels with conti tubeless wheels so I will use that, it’s a 1×10 set up. Currently I have fox 36 160 and I’ve been told this will be ok in it but might space them down to 150mm. For the future I’m thinking of buying 650b wheels and the new pike for it. Love the fact you can swap between 26 and 27.5c

    How about yourself mmel?

    Nice build theraggyone.


    Well… All depends how far the budget stretches.

    In an ideal world I’d be setting it up as a new build, Blazing bikes were offering frame and Pike forks for ¬£2000 which is mighty tempting. I think I’d be sticking to 150mm travel as the bike’ll be a do it all rig for messing in the forest and a bit of cross country and the odd uplift in North Wales. I’ve found a place where I can part ex my 26″ wheels for 650’s so the switch may not be as expensive as first thought. Drive train wise 1×10 looks the way to go with XT Shadow+ and 11-36 on the back and a fancy pants narrow wide 32 tooth ring up front. I’ve got XT brakes ready to go and a LEV post with spoon saddle.

    If I’m feeling poor (and realistic thanks to Mrs. mmel’s budget constrains) I’ll be using my nearly new Revelation RCT3’s with my 26″ Hope/Mavic wheel set for now. A cheap 1×10 with my deore cranks and new raceface ring and XT Shadow+ as above.

    Big decision of course is which colour, I’m thinking blue as the moment, not sure whick will go best with white forks…?

    Here’s my spitfire built up with DBair and fox van 36..

    I built this frame with a van 36 but I tried it with some rockshox sektor 150mm to see what it rode like… They felt fine but it lowers the front end I would recommend an external lower headset cup if you are going to use a 150mm fork with this frame as it will raise the front end a bit and help with the pedal strikes… I definitely prefer it with a 160 fork suits my riding style more. If the new pike wasn’t so ridiculously over priced I would like to swap my old heavy 36 for one!

    Rampant owner here. small in travel, big on fun ūüėõ 8)


    I’ve not got a Spitfire but have a Rune which I love.

    If I’m honest the Spitfire is the bike that I should have bought but couldn’t get a demo of one. However, the Rune is great and climbs far better than a burly 160mm bike should. The KS link works really well and I’d stump up the extra cash for the CCDBa rear shock because its great!

    My Rune as built comes in at 33lbs but has now lost the chain device and has an X9 Type 2 mech and a Race Face narrow wide ring.

    I like the fact that they’re pretty rare and bei g black mine attracts very little attention which suits me just fine. I’d do it if you can. Blazing Bikes did me a pretty good deal on mine this summer.

    loving your rune mindmap3! looks great I bet its a blast to ride. how are you finding the raceface narrow wide ring without a chain device ? have you lost the chain yet? im thinking this is the next upgrade for my spitty once some more black 36t ones appear somewhere in stock


    Cheers mate – I think its a cracking looking bike and it hides its size quite well (its a large). I’ve always ridden medium’s before but top tubes seem to be getting shorter which is made worse by steeper seat angles so went up a size this time and an pleased that I did.

    I’ve been amazed at how well the Type 2 Mech and narrow / wide ring have worked. I’ve only done three rides and no hint of a dropped chain yet – nothing too major ride wise, Cannock twice and Llandegla black at the weekend. I’ve been a gril and have dropped from a 34 to a 32 for the winter when things get a bit slower.

    It’ll be interesting to see how if goes once the ring starts to wear, but so far its all good. I may end up adding a top guide just to be safe.

    My main reason for ditching the chain device was that ISCG05 tabs + E13 LG1 Trail chain device + Atlas AM cranks = clearance issues and a poor chainline. The narrow/wide ring has left me with a more or less perfect chainline now.


    I think I will do it, it’s got to the the blue or the raw for me but more likely to be the blue. Going to wait a few weeks till the 2014 frames are in then make a move ūüôā

    I’ve got a prime, had a few days out on it now and keep getting more confident with it. Good for climbing too.

    Barry the banshee

    Barry the banshee by Belles and Whistles, on Flickr

    here is a pic of mine, finally worked out how to post a pic


    That’s lovely. I think Banshee make some great looking bikes.

    Graeme if the blue you’re talking about is the same blue that the first batch if Rune V2’s came in get the blue. Its lovely. I was gutted that they stopped doing them by the time I came to buy mine.


    I’ve not got a Spitfire but have a Rune which I love.

    mindmap3, which size of sx trail did you use and which size of banshee rune did you buy? and what is your height?

    Premier Icon pedlad

    Resurrection .Can a spitfire owner confirm a couple of things for me?

    Is the rear derailleurs a normal rather than a direct mount to the hanger? (Shimano xt)
    What FD shimano double shifter is equivalent to the banshee specified SRAM low direct mount ones?

    Premier Icon bluearsedfly

    Using a M785 double front mech on my spitty×10-front-mech/rp-prod69485 set as low as it will go with 24/36 upfront 11/36 on the back with no issues.

    Mech hanger is standard set up eg M786 clutch mech etc.

    Here’s mine, absolutely loving it!

    It’s still a bit of a work in progress though as I’ve still got to get a dropper and stick a 1-up 42t conversion to help with climbing.


    Spitty owner here, same front mech as bluearsedfly but had to file the mech slightly on installation as the bosses on the frame fouled the mech. It takes a standard rear mech.

    Here’s mine in it’s natural habitat:

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