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  • any architects on here?
  • MikeT-23

    aP – have you a website?
    I was actually looking a bit further north, like ‘beyond Inverness’ north, like Dingwall, to be closer to the potential site.

    Huntly’s a reasonable hike when it comes to travelling costs, if my understanding of the way things work is correct.

    However, that doesn’t stop me from looking, right?

    Premier Icon Richie_B

    TJ I sympathize, what I was trying to say was make sure he is covered/has the resources to cover a claim. PI insurers are renowned for trying to weasel out using the fact that in effect, if what you say is right, he has committed a criminal act by instructing unauthorised works to a listed building. I’m not sure about Scotland but under English & Welsh law you can’t insure against breaking the criminal law. Its definitely worth checking before your costs get too high


    Cheers ritchie

    He is principle of a big Edinburgh practise – and as he is council appointed and (un)supervised I would have thought they would ultimately be responsible.

    I will take advise – and a lot depends on the attitude of the big property company who own 50% of the building. I want to really go for him tho. I am so angry.


    When planners stop hiding behind the phrase ‘This advice is given without prejudice’, stop changing their minds (for whatever reason), read their own local/unitary plans, and get at least a rudimentary understanding of Listed Building Legislation, it might be worth taking that seriously.

    Planners do have knowledge of LB legislation. However most Councils have an intenal Design and Conservation dept who are consulted in relation to LBC’s. I think it is fair to say D&C have a pretty good understanding of Listed Building regs.

    And my opinion is indeed given ‘without prejudice’….


    miket-23, it’s not me but an associated practice, do you have an email that I can send it to “off list”?
    What are you looking to do?


    Mike – I’m sure if someone took it on as a PJ and you offered a bed for the night and guided rides around the area I don’t think you would haveany trouble getting what you want done!

Viewing 6 posts - 81 through 86 (of 86 total)

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