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  • Any Antique/Furniture experts in?
  • Got an old chair I would like valued to see if it’s worth anything. Anyone recommend an online service I can send photos to or any experts on here?

    Premier Icon Dickyboy

    Pictures would help but unless it’s special I suspect you will be disappointed when it comes to realisable value.


    Individual chairs can be good sellers depending on the type and condition but there’s a lot of variables in that market.
    A picture would be handy for a start as said above. Not nearly the same demand for old, large stuff as there once was but leather upholstered swivel desk chairs, windsors, some Scandinavian stuff, all can get good money.

    Premier Icon Tiboy

    As hot stuff said really, markets pretty down, having grown up with my dad being an antique dealer and earning pocket money loading container of the stuff to go around the world, it’s now pretty sad to see that most stuff has little value due to low demand. If you send me a picture I can ask him for an opinion



    Twelvty pounds


    Balloon back mothering chair

    50 quids

    Cheers Project. Saw a similar chair online at a dealer that needs re-upholstering for £250.00
    Might be able to get £100.00

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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