any advice on playing super street fighter iv arcade 360?

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  • any advice on playing super street fighter iv arcade 360?
  • Hit the other guy. Preferably more than he hits you.

    Modern SF games are very complex – you’ve got your basic attacks (light, medium and heavy punches and the same for kicks). On the arcade that’s configured to two rows of buttons; on the 360 I tend to set light and heavy to the face buttons and medium to the triggers, but see what suits you best.

    These are modified by pushing in a direction; eg down + heavy kick might give you a crouching spin kick etc. So far so similar to IK+.

    Combinations of buttons will give you different attacks; eg towards and hk + hp will result in a throw or grab (though this may be different, I’ve not played this specific version). You can usually bind these to different buttons if you want, so one of the triggers = hk + hp.

    Then you have the specials, unique to each character. Chun Li should do her laser foot kick (I forget the name) if you tap one of the kick buttons quickly. Hold down to power up then press up + k to get the spinning bird kick (though again I’ve a feeling this might’ve changed).

    Ryu for example has “sweep” specials – press down on the joypad, then sweep around it a quarter circle towards and p to get a fireball. Sweep away with a k for the hurricane kick. down forward down-forward p for a dragon punch.

    Then you have the super moves, which you need to power up for – Ryu used to do a super fireball I think, which is two sweeps towards with p.

    Then you get into combos and it starts getting really complex…


    i must admit to not having played any of the street fighter games very much (just got this on xbox live,on their free monthly game deal on gold).

    am of the mindset of way of the exploding fist/ik+ controls (although i did enjoy tekken on ps1).

    do not have a clue when i played it just now what i was doing (using chun li).


    Worth spending a bit of time in training mode getting used to a few characters and learning their moves (hit pause during a fight and select moves list from the options).

    Difficulty wise, even medium is pretty tough once you get past a few characters on arcade mode.

    Ryu is probably the best character to start with. Akuma has some sick moves once you’ve unlocked him but he’s a bit slow.

    I never bother with the analog stick, most of the special moves are easier to pull off using the d pad.

    Hth πŸ™‚

    Mr Woppit

    Get out more.

    I’ll be downloading it when I get in tonight anyway. Anyone playing online? I’m pretty rubbish / rusty.


    i will be flyingmonkeycorps πŸ˜‰ won’t be much of an opponent though handle adamski2112 if you wanna fight πŸ˜€

    I’ll give you a shout next time I’m online. No idea what my Live tag is, I’ve never played online!


    okey dokey πŸ˜€

    tbh i don’t play much online either (from learning the hard way/crap skills-online do not go well 😳

    i have played virtual fighter 5 on 360 and that game was also fantastic,but by the gods was that difficult also to play 😯 it’s like trying to learn another language man!

    Premier Icon Cougar

    I snagged it last night too, not looked at it yet.

    My main concern with stuff like this online is you invariably end up playing someone who’s been playing SF since the Amiga days, you press a button and then promptly get snottered by some several hundred hit combo that leaves you dead before you get given control back.


    why don’t we set up a street fighter iv online fight club for us numpties who are rubbish at it.

    you’re more than welcome to join us cougar (and anyone else who want’s in πŸ˜‰


    again my xbox live gt is adamski2112.

    see you in the ring peeps πŸ˜›


    SFII on the Amiga was a rubbish version πŸ˜‰

    Premier Icon Drac

    Best version was this one.



    cannot argue with that drac πŸ˜‰

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