Any '50's furniture lovers on here?

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  • Any '50's furniture lovers on here?
  • mcmoonter

    We saw this in a furniture salvage place on the way home. It looked a little out of place among all the Ikea cupboards.

    £40 bought it, and once home some web research revealed that it’s quite special. It was designed by David Booth and Judith Ledeboer for the Festival of Britain in 1951. It was manufactured by Gordon Russell who have one in their museum. There is also one in the V&A!

    Very collectable in the US, saw one on a website there for $5400.

    A nice find mcmoonter, i think the doors look fantastic. I hope you enjoy it if you decide to keep it.


    We’ll hang on to it.

    Realman, I breathed a sigh of relief, I was expecting ……


    That’s bloody lovely. Lovely colour. Well done.


    great find

    we’ve bought their other design from fleabay


    ooh, that’s lovely – good find!
    Infinitly nicer than the cheap Ikea woodfaced carboard I’m stuck with…


    No niche is too niche for STW.

    Nice one martinh!

    This thread needs the sideboard song


    I don’t care, I don’t care, I don’t care if e comes round ear
    Got my beer on the sideboard ear let mother sort it out if e comes round ear.

    That’s a lovely little piece, that. Simple and understated, it reflects the austerity of the period following WW2, when stuff was functional and quite plain, with little if any ornamentation, decoration or embellishment. Reminds me of furniture in me nan’s place when I was a kid (that my greedy grasping cousins got their haynds on when she kicked the bucket selfish buggers).

    £40 is a proper result. Woon’t pay silly money for one though.

    Place where me mate works; they got rid of a load of furniture a few years ago, to replace it with crap modern stuff. We’re talking proper craftsman built wooden pieces, desks, chairs, cupboards etc. Almost all smashed up and skipped. Worth tens of thousands of pounds. Absolutely criminal. 😥

    Only afterwards did someone realise what a mistake they’d made….




    Place where me mate works; they got rid of a load of furniture a few years ago,

    So did our lot.
    Have you noticed the cupboard and drawers in my garage? Old office furniture is brilliant!

    Good find by the OP though, I do like that, my sister loves that sort of stuff too. Nice! 🙂

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