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  • Any 50% off 2008 clearouts around still?
  • psychle

    Looking for a full-sus for Mrs P, she’s currently riding my old Yeti ASR-sl but I want to sell that on and get her something new. Gutted that I missed out on a 2008 Spesh Saphire for half-price earlier in the year (due to her not being able to decide if MTB was something she wanted to do! anyhoo… 🙄 )

    Now she’s made up her mind that MTB is fun, we’re looking to see if anyone around the traps might still have a 2008 model they’re looking to clear out. Have tried Googling but haven’t found anything too inspiring or bargain-alicious for her… So, has anyone seen/know of a fantastic deal on a women’s specific full-sus bike, preferably under a grand if possible… thanks for your assistance 🙂


    Does it need to be women’s specific? If she finds your bike ok presumably it doesn’t have to be.

    This comes in small and x-small

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    I agree with Grumm, probably don’t need to a female-specific bike.

    On my wife’s bike I just cut the bars a bit narrower and put a suitable saddle and shorter stem on.

    That Trance is a great bike, I’ve got one. It definitely feels like more than 4in of suspension and has a short top tube (which might be good for your GF).

    You could sell the Tora on while still new for £100 or so and pick up a decent 120mm fork instead – which would make it an even better bike.


    cheers chaps, appreciate your help 🙂 The trance is looking like a good option, though the Cypher for £900 is tempting. I’m thinking they’re the same frame pretty much from the looks of them?

    Really wish I’d just bought her the Sapphire for £750 (reduced from £1500), ’twas a good bike! Oh well… Wonder if I could get the Cypher any cheaper than £900, I shall give them a call to discuss 🙂

    Which of the Brodies would be a good choice for a 5’3″ lady?

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    Cypher looks like a women’s version of the Trance X, so slightly more travel at both ends.

    I’d say that’s a really good bike for £900 – definitely looks like it’s worth an extra £200 over the Trance.

    Either of the Loki (5″) or the Knack (4″) in XS would be fine. I also have a few XS Mettle’s (4″), which i could do for a good price, and it has some good kit on it.

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