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  • Any 335d owners on here?
  • hughjayteens

    iamsporticus – Member
    Could you get 2 road bikes safely inside an E90 saloon assuming wheels off as a minimum?
    If anyone has first hand info then what else would you need to strip down? Bars,stem, assumed seatpost etc etc

    If it’s an E90 saloon then it’s unlikely to have folding rear seats as bizarrely they are on optional extra and rare on the saloon but standard fit on the coupe (and estate). Wheels off and frames on the back seat will be the best option as said above.

    randomjeremy – Member

    @hughjayteens I just picked up a 130i LE for a song, it’s fantastic. Can’t wait to get shot of the RFTs though. Looking at the tire sizes there doesn’t seem to be much out there in the way of replacements ( rear 225/40W18 and front 205/45W18) – do most owners choose slightly different tires?

    Nice! I very nearly bought a 130i LE (loved the interior) but spotted the silver one above which had been a ‘BMW Performance’ demo car so had about £10ks worth of options on it. When it was 18 months old I paid £17k for the car so £21k off the new price with only 14k miles on the clock. Mine had the BMW Performance wheels which I think are the same size as the LE wheels and it had 215/40R18Y on the front and 245/35R18Y – Continental Sport Contact 3s initially and then Michelin Pilot Sport 2. Someone then decided to relieve me of my wheels one night and BMW put RFTs back on it despite my protest and it was just awful. Sold the car soon after (not because of the RFTs!) but I would never have them again.

    Haven’t checked but am assuming the M5 won’t be coming with RFTs!

    M’s don’t come with RFT’s


    iamsporticus – have you done the trip yet? I’m curious if you got 2 bikes in?

    For a quick trip to the LBS I ususally pop both wheels off and put the bike across the back seat as not to advertise to the local thieves, two or more and it’s a roof bar job for me. Being sceptical without folding seats I don’t see two bikes sitting that nicely together on the backseat plus the wheels and kit all fitting in the boot…I hope to be told I’m wrong!!


    Does the 130i LE come with the 216 style alloys with “BMW Motorsport” written on them? If so I have them on my current 3 series – look nice but a bugger to clean.

Viewing 4 posts - 81 through 84 (of 84 total)

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