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  • Antur Stiniog's shut – Any alternative's? Stile Cop?
  • A gang of us from the North West were booked on at Stinky Dog for some DH shenanigans this Thursday but it’s fallen victim to the weather.

    Looking for an alternative – anyone ridden Stile Cop in the last few days? If so, how are the trails riding? Much ice or snow?

    Any other DH suggestions? Would have preferred an uplift but i’m guessing all the usual suspects are snowed off?

    Cheers all.

    Premier Icon iain1775

    Cannock was hit bad with snow last weekend main centre car park etc at birches valley have been shut since Friday, Facebook updates saying large possibility of fallen trees over trails etc, dunno about stile cop specifically but would imagine its a no go maybe check on, follow link to forum, then downhill forum
    How about Hales Superbowl, Tattenhall, Cheshire, or you could enter the races at Farmer Johns 😉


    Not been up there in past few days.

    Depends if there is anymore snow fall. I’ve always found it good generally in that area. Fine in areas which get sunshine just be careful of shaded bits. Icey roots are always fun 😉

    You could give local bike shop a ring tomorrow? They will know best hopefully 🙂

    Premier Icon deadkenny

    Forest of Dean? I believe it’s open and the uplift is running.

    Maybe Cwmcarn though uplift was closed as of 25th but they were going to do an update shortly. Just depends on how icy the road is I assume.

    Cheers for the feedback all.

    Looking out the window at the snow falling and thinking that emigrating may be a better option………..

    ^ Emigrating… Tell me about it, so ready for summer right now


    Folk were snowboarding at Stile Cop at the weekend. Cant see it being decently rideable on a bike by the weekend. 😥

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