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  • After reading so many threads on here about bike thefts paranoia has set in and I’m after some general advice to prevent it happening and cover for if it does.
    I have 4 bikes. They are all locked in my shed with a cable lock to the chassis of a car i’m building. The shed is locked with a coded door lock but it wouldn’t take much to break in. I have a second chain lock around my most valuable bike again chained to the chassis. When the chassis is moved i will install some proper ground anchors fixed through the floor to the concrete slab below the shed.

    I have looked into bike insurance which was going to cost about £70 per month. a small price to pay if the bikes get nicked but i rang my insurance company (Tesco) who said that as long as the total value of the bikes is less than £17500 then they are covered as long as they are locked in a shed that is in a good state of repair.

    I am in the process of making a very loud alarm at work which will activate if the doors are opened.

    I have taken photos of all the bikes and have the receipts for 3 Bikes I have purchased (the 4th I built) just in case I need to prove anything to an insurance company.

    I don’t live in a rough area and I haven’t heard of any local thefts.

    I know if someone really want the bikes/parts they will get them and no matter how many locks/alarms i have it wouldn’t stop them.

    So what else can I do?
    Would you be happy with the insurance cover I currently have?

    Many Thanks



    how about a motion activated CCTV camera with a voice alert so that any scroats know they’ve been filmed?


    Sack off the cable lock for starters. When I snapped the key in my old kryptonite it took perhaps 20-30 seconds to cut it clean through with a reciprocating saw.

    Check and double check the insurance details…im coming well and truly unstuck with my insurers after mine were take a few weeks back.

    Dont leave the garage keys on a hook just inside the back door…. thieving scum will stroll down the garden path and casually take these whilst stroking the dog on the way past.

    Lights…bright ones plus an alarm…..i reckon if they get in and then all hell breaks loose with lights and sound plus a meaty looking chain and anchor to contend with and they’ll pop next door take theirs instead…….next time i might heed my own advice.. 🙄

    Premier Icon Rusty Mac

    Just the things you have thought of already, ground anchor, solid secure gold locks, alarm, possibly a motion activated wireless camera depending on how close the shed is to your house and wifi signal.
    When locking the bikes lock through the wheels as well, the less they can easily strip froma bike the better.

    There is various sound advice and products on this site

    Premier Icon woody74

    Cheap CCTV as the police always know the scrouts in an area but they need evidence. Signs saying CCTV, alarm, bloody big locks, don’t store your bikes next to all your tools (especially angle grinders, etc) and get your bike details of

    Premier Icon crazy-legs

    Connect the bikes and/or the shed up to the mains. Deny all knowledge of such a device when dead scrotes are found outside.

    “Honestly officer, I’d just left some old cable in there…”

    Also, remember to turn it off before you go in!


    Be aware that theives can easily unscrew your shed door, can easily smash your alarm in and will spend ages dismantling your bike given the opportunity. This is whats happened to me twice in the past. And once they know whats kept in your shed they will keep coming back more prepared than the last time, probably.

    Its a massive ball ache and this is why i keep mine in the house now.

    Is this just a household contents policy through Tesco? Specified items? Extra charge for bike cover? Covered away from home?

    My thoughts –
    Lock them up as securely as you would on the street when they’re in the shed.
    D-locks through wheels and frame and I reckon try to lock them together as well – make it so they need to cut through as many locks as possible before they can wheel or carry them.


    You want one of these for fire protection in your garage/shed:

    *accidentally* linked to a sensor on the door or a PIR

    Selection of heavy cable ties like these close to hand:

    And probably one of these as well for while you wait for the rozzers to arrive, and to help wake the burglars up from their C02 induced sleep:;MULTI_ITEM_SUBMIT

    *note: before anyone gets all hand wringing or offended, or talks about the burglars’ “rights”, there is more than a little bit of tongue in cheek about this post. But it would be good if we could eh?


    And don’t give them a reason to be having a look in your shed in the first place! Keep as low a profile as you can when coming and going with your bikes and be prepared to ride on past if there are people you don’t like the look of hanging about.

    Rusty Mac. Thanks for that link. some good info on there
    I did think about a thief just undoing the screws on the shed hinges so i rounded them off with the screwdriver bit so they cant be undone (will be a PITA if I ever need to get them off). I’m going to look at putting some coach bolts through though and a hasp and padlock.
    I like the idea of those shear bolts. Ill definitely invest on some of those.
    I work in metal fabrications so i’m thinking of designing a recessed steel floor anchor that sits flush with the shed floor. This should avoid it getting in my way and make it harder to cut through with a saw.

    when speaking to Tesco this morning I initially rung to find out if they did an upgraded bike policy. The only thing they could offer me is cover for up to a certain amount when the bikes are not at home. The cover wouldn’t cover the cost of one bike and had no bearing on the value covered at home so I declined. The only time the bikes are away from home are when i’m riding one of them in which case its never out of my site ( i never leave it anywhere) or when the one I have ridden to work is stored at work in the back of the factory.
    I asked the guy at Tesco who said they are definitely covered in the shed up to £17500 but I have my doubts.


    if your insurance policy is anything like mine, the total covered value will be high (like £17500), but the max value per bike will be low, like maybe £1000 per bike.

    So if you have a bike worth more than £1k you’re stuffed.

    Quite how this would work if you broke the bike down into its consituent parts, where each part came in under £1k I dont know.


    Cover any windows with curtains and keep closed,fit bars to windows, securely bolted to frames.

    Secure roof to walls using builders band and long screws, pannel out the inside of the shed with mdf and fill void with scrumpled newspaper.

    Get a baby alarm, and leave it switched on preferably on a discreet plug.

    Decent security lights and locks,

    Bolts through all hinges.


    My £7000 worth of bikes are stored in my living room, problem solved.


    ^^^^ I’m not seeing how this is working… can someone explain to the short sighted


    ^^^^ I’m not seeing how this is working… can someone explain to the short sighted

    I guess the idea is you punch your star nut further down your steerer and effectively have a massive long headset cap.



    Looks like most of the whole tube goes inside the steerer tube..?

    Is the original cap replaced with the one on that?


    Remove power sockets to the shed. No point in helping lowlifes power their angle grinder.

    Discretion has been mentioned, awareness? Make sure no one follows you home.

    Outside security camera. You can make a shed secure, as a rey good friend of mine did. So secure that the scum decided to set fire to the shed in their frustration.

    Unfortunately it’s coming up to Christmas and as a copper reminded me after I got mugged “those with nothing want something” . That was in the mid eighties but the principle is timeless. What I’m trying to say is while protect what you’ve worked hard for dont get too hung up on the materialistic side.


    Hi, am a copper from Yorkshire, will add some tips on how to stop you and everyone else on here been a victim of theft and how you can help us identifty your bike if it get stolen.Just to start off,these are my tips and not any police force!!!.
    – Photo every bike you have, take a number of photos.
    – Write down the frame number.
    – If the shop you buy it from puts a sticker on the down frame keep it on the bike, all we have to do then is ring the shop and quote the frame number, most shops keep a record of who that bike was sold to. We can then identify where the bike comes from!
    -Smart water your bike, do all the main parts, most bike are stripped down and we just find bike parts and its impossible to identify them. Ps you can’t see the smart water..
    – If you have a expensive bike don’t take it into town, unless you really have to.
    – Dont buy a cable lock or a chain lock, bolt cutters make light work… A large thick D lock is the only answer. Bigger the better. Or even better a track fitted to the bike is really good answer to this problem
    -Put the bike in view of a camera if possible , and always in public view.
    – take the wheels off the bike and lock them to the frame. It’s harder for the thief to pick a bike up and fit the wheels (trust me they are lasy ****)
    – fit more than one lock.
    – I have a orbea alma carbon and it will ever go into the town centre and be left.
    – For me I would never leave a bike in a shed, they are far to easy to get in. Unscrew the hinges and they are in. People put great big locks on door but forget the screws. Quick fix put some sealant on the screw head.
    – ALarms are the best thing to stop them, make sure its working and put it on!!!!
    – Cameras are great, but make sure they are up high all they do is cover their face and turn it away.
    – Once again take your wheels off the bike, slows them down, they want to be away as quick as possible.
    – Archer the bike to a wall or floor.
    – don’t be talking down the pub that you have just got a new specialized epic for £3000 and it’s in the shed and you are going away for two weeks!!!!! Trust me people do this!!!!!!
    – best tip is the alarm, most will just run, and if they do have the balls to stop and find the bike locked that will put them off.
    -If the bike is in the garage all locked up and safe don’t leave a nice pair of bolt cutter next to it( yes it’s been done).
    I hope this help and am sure I will have missed something. PS the police do care but bike theft has risen over the last couple of years, and the Goverment is not helping by cutting police numbers when we need them more than ever. Cheers

    Premier Icon mikewsmith

    The only peace of mind I had was knowing my insurance covered them.
    1 check or change insurance to someone that will cover the bikes specifically in a shed and away from home and replaces new for old.
    2 get the above in writing and offer to specify and or value bikes initially.
    3 keep insurance up
    4 take pics and keep records of bikes and parts with serial numbers. Send to insurance company if needed.

    After that it’s the simple stuff don’t wave expensive bikes round.
    Lock the shed
    Lock bikes to something
    Fit alarm preferably battery powered in the roof above bikes

    The determined thief will get your bikes. Sorry if this sounds defeatist but it’s the truth. Make sure you have done what was asked and get some new bikes.

    Premier Icon footflaps

    If you must keep them in a shed:

    Get a Shed Shackle.

    Fit An alarm.

    Fit a Bolt kit to the hinges:

    Premier Icon tthew

    Good advice from Penglish up there.

    One question about the smart water. Are you not likely just to get it all over yourself when picking it up or maintaining it? Also, would you not need to apply it fairly regularly after a couple of cleaning sessions?

    Premier Icon maccruiskeen

    Cheap CCTV as the police always know the scrouts in an area but they need evidence. Signs saying CCTV……..

    How effective will your CCTV be in identifying the scrotes if you put a sign up telling them to cover their face?


    Register your bike at, apply the largest sticker to the downtube. Then register again at and apply the stickers too. Add a GPS tracker to your most loved bike.

    Ride a fixed wheel bike or a dutch roadster – I had seven bikes stolen recently. They left the highly marked commuter and the other fixed wheel track bike. And the roadster.

    Keep bike in the house. A theft is then a burglary, and the stolen property is covered under your contents insurance automatically, irrespective of it being a bike. All you will then argue about is value of items stolen compared with total value insured.

    Premier Icon mikewsmith

    Tired just keeping it in the house will make no difference if the policy requires items declared over a specific value. Many policies have specific wording for bikes and their value. Hence my points Read your policy and comply to the letter. Do not make generalisations about insurance and if anything is unclear ask for clarification in writing. After the bike is stolen is no the time to argue about terms and values.


    Regarding smart water, you only need a finger nail size, and within seconds it’s dry and you can’t see it without special light.

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