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  • Anthem2 needs to lighten up – which new wheels
  • Keva
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    Last summer I bought an Anthem2, the 130/110mm version and whilst it rides really well it’s time to shed a bit of weight from it this year. My first thoughts are the wheelset and the rear cassette. It currently has the standard Giant wheelset that comes with the bike and an SLX 11/46 cassette.

    Rims: Giant XC-1 Wheelset, 23mm Inner Width
    Front Hub: Giant Tracker Boost 15×110, Sealed Bearing
    Rear Hub: Giant Tracker Boost 12×148, Sealed Bearing
    Front Tyre: Maxxis Forekaster 27.5×2.35, 60 TPI, EXO, TR, Tubeless Folding,
    Rear Tyre: Maxxis Forekaster 27.5×2.20, 60 TPI, EXO, TR, Tubeless Folding
    Cassette: Shimano SLX, 11×46

    I’m after a bit of advice for lighter wheels & tyres if possible, and would it be worth investing in an XTR rear cassette if I can get an 11-46 or as close to. Other ideas welcome. Riding is general xc around local trails in the south, south Wales trail centres and Rhayder. Can I do it for £500?

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    Your forecaster tyre’s aren’t that bad for weight, but now its getting dryer they are more of a mud/winter tyre, maxxis ikon would be better for spring/summer, wheels have a look at the Hunt XC for around £320 and weigh just under 1600g, i have the 29er versions and have been really impressed, putting a XTR cassette would save weight or even sram XX1 even more.

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    Hunt XC are 29er only.

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    yeh I had a look for those yesterday and could only find 29ers. Looks like their 27.5 wheels are 30mm wide which I think is too much for the 2.20 rear tyre? Thanks for the suggestion though, I’ve Just had another look on their website and it does say:

    27.5″ Non-Boost Pre-Order For Delivery May Wk 1

    I’ll give them a call and ask them what size rim that actually is. I’ve also found these which look pretty good and are 25mm rims so I may go for those if Hunts aren’t doing the right size.

    Mavic XA Elite XD MTB Wheelset
    Wheelset Weight: 1.69kg (27.5″)

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    Look at hand built wheels from justridingalong or Clee Cycles which should be a bit lighter than the Hunts for similar money. Anything with Stans rims, a light (usually own brand) hubset and average spokes should work for the weight and budget it sounds like you are after.

    If you are purely about losing weight then knowing what your existing stuff weighs is the only option- full weight weenie or not at all 😉

    XCracer is a good place for cheap light small parts and stuff like Kalloy Uno stems (logos easily removed!) are easy wins (my 90mm is 90g with ti bolts for £30 all in). Chinese carbon seatpost 180g for £40 for example is another win if not using a dropper, lots to be saved in the saddle/ bars/ brake rotors/ etc for not much money. Are you already tubless and 1x?

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    yeh I was going to ask if anyone knows how much the Giant XC1 wheels actually weigh. I can only find the weight of the front online which someone says on a forum is 875g. I’d imagine both must be around 2+kg. I’ll definitely have a look at Clee Cycles, I’ve bought KCNC seatposts from them before, another thing I’ll be buying soon as I don’t really use the dropper. There must be a good three hundred gram if not more saving there. Saddle is already sorted as the Giant one nearly tore my ass off. At the moment wheels are a priority, the rest will happen over time. Currently running tubeless and 1×11 and also looking to replace the SLX rear cassette obvs to go with the new lighter rear wheel. Bike currently weighs around 29-30lbs but I’d prefer it around 26.

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    If it’s these alloy wheels, they’re listed as 1820 grams.


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    I have a 2015 Anthem 2, I did a full weight weenie strip down from new. Not sure if the wheels changed for later model years, but mine came with P-XC wheels at 874g front / 1110g rear.

    Whole bike was 28.5lb factory spec, I converted to XT 1×11 with SRAM XG cassette, swapped to a fulcrum XD driver wheelset (… they’re a bit unfashionably narrow to be honest), set the racing ralphs up tubeless, changed a lot of the finishing kit and added a Brand-X dropper, and it’s now just a bit under 26lb. Without the dropper it was 25lb.

    I have the full parts weight breakdown if you want any more info…!

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    hols, those xct-1s could be the same re-badged, yes.

    nre, yep that would be good if you could list the parts you’ve changed on yours, thanks!

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    I’ll not list every last gram saved, big saves over original spec were going tubeless, new wheels, 1x conversion (XT but with SRAM cassette / XD driver), carbon bars, Ti saddle, key current bits are:
    XT M8000 rear mech 271g
    XT M8000 shifter 130g
    XT M8000 cranks + works components 30t oval 562g
    SRAM XG-1150 cassette 10-42 390g
    RSP Ego carbon bars 200g
    Avid 160mm rotors 104g x2
    Fulcrum Red Power HP front 771g
    Fulcrum Red Power HP rear 889g
    Racing Ralphs 550g x2
    Charge Knife saddle 218g
    Brand-X dropper post 622g
    Boardman MTB Pro spd pedals 290g

    This is a 2015 Anthem 2 with Rebas. Total weight 25.7lb at present

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    cheers for that little lot, I’ll make a copy to give me some weights to aim for. Charge Knife is already on mine 🙂

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