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  • clanton

    I need to change the bearings on an Anthem X – 26inch, fairly sure it is the 2010 model.
    You can buy them as kits but it is considerably cheaper to order them individually – even if you buy the whole set!
    Anyone know the bearings I need? Can’t find it online. Obviously I can take it apart and check but would rather do everything in one go if possible ie order the bearings in in advance.


    I just bought the complete set for my Anthem last year.
    Expensive when you see what you can get them individually for but I was in your position, could not find all the sizes listed in one document anywhere.

    Somebody must know the codes and have the list?

    Here you go: (26″X I’ve used on 2012 + 13 anyway)

    6802 2RS x4
    6900 2RS x2
    6902 2RS x2
    63800/6380 2RS x2


    Brilliant! Thanks


    Nice Richardthird.

    Most welcome. Gotta keep all these 26″ers running sweetly 😀

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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