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  • jonke

    Ipod will cure this


    Okay so the anthem creaks annoyingly, whipping out the shock looks like the bottom bearings could do with being replaced. I’ve seen katec sells then for approx £35 so how hard / long will it take?

    I’ve got torq 12 aug bank hol and could do with the bike for then ( got a trail hard tail as back up) but in morzine for a week on the dh bike so I’m limited in time frame.

    Other factor is this will be its last major outing as I will be replacing with a 2014 bike when they are out soon.

    I could just leave it. Not sure i could cope for racing 6 hours on it creaking away…


    pretty straight forward.. not a major drama if you damage the bearing on the way out just be careful not to damage the housing.

    ideally with a press but if needs be use a threaded bar nuts an some washers.

    or the cowboy way of a socket than sits on the outer cup of the bearing rather than the dust seal. and tap gently until home.


    I’ve just replaced mine and the job doesn’t take long with the proper tools. You may end up damaging bearing seats and/or new bearings if you bodge it (guilty!). Katec have presses for the two smaller sizes on the Anthem and they make the job a breeze. I’ve seen a tool by RRP:
    The RRP tool works out more expensive, once you’ve factored in the adapters, but its cheaper than a damaged frame!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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