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  • Another ‘Which breathable jacket’ question, soz!
  • gravelrash

    My wife is treating me to a decent winter waterproof for my 40th. I’ve been looking around at jackets, initially deciding on something made from GoreTex, probably Paclite to get it in my MULE backpack. I then heard about eVENT fabric being more breathable, and decided the Endura Venturi would be suitable. I haven’t seen one in the flesh yet to see how small it will pack down though. I’ve had a quick look through the latest Singletrack mag tonight and seen on page 34, an Endura MT500, claiming PTFE protection to be the most breathable fabric. I’m a bit!

    I sweat quite a lot and don’t generally feel the cold, quite happily riding in a lycra top and Gore Windstopper jacket in freezing conditions. My current Raceface waterproof isn’t a breathable fabric but has pitvents from most of the arm to the waist. The eVENT jackets generally don’t have vents, I’m worried I’ll boil up in the bag without vents.

    If you’re not yet bored to death, I’d value your comments!



    I use a Gill eVent and it’s fine when it’s properly chucking it down but it’s not in the same league as a Gore Windstopper-type in terms of breathability. However good the Gill is (and it is a big step up from the Raceface waterproofs like the Aquanot, which I also have and never use) there’s still a sizeable gap between ‘waterproof’ and ‘breathable’.

    I’d decide what you want from the jacket and go from there.

    i have used North Face technical paclite shells for years

    it seems like i have a similar problem to you with sweating even in sub zero temperatures

    i have never found the need to buy a cycling specific jacket, the non cycling ones seem far better value for money

    i NEVER ride in more than a base layer, a jersey and a shell (and biblongs)

    in my experience nothing breathes like paclite

    Premier Icon bonzodog

    Im not that impressed with my Endura eVent jacket. Hard to say exactly what I dont like about it, but the performance of the fabric hasnt amazed me to the tune of the £140 I paid for it. Maybe I find the arms a little short for my baboony frame?

    I may try the Endura MT500, but the arms would probably be the same cut.

    I may flog the eVent on here. Its black XL.

    Premier Icon chakaping

    Got a Montane eVent jacket and it’s brilliant.

    Would choose eVent over Gore Tex every time.


    Goretex XCR is the dogs balls,

    Premier Icon ewangronk

    I got the Endura Venturi a couple weeks ago, been out in heavy rain as well as warm(ish) afternoons while working hard. Kept me dry every time apart from a drip down the back of my neck as I didnt tighten up the collar and a damp back from when I was wearing a pack, though it was only slightly damp. Seems to work very well as I really do sweat alot when out. I think the fit is great but that will depend on the individual so I would try it on if possible. The black looks good but i’ve never seen the blue apart from photos. Will pack down small, great jacket.

    Premier Icon leeph

    I have both Gore Paclite and an eVent jacket’s. The Paclite packs down smaller, both seem to give similar performance for breathability – but the eVent jacket can get you cold if you stop….it seems to let the wind through compared to the Gore jacket.

    And yes my Paclite has pit zips and the eVent jacket does not.

    Hope this helps….if it was me I’d look at a GoreTex Paclite

    Premier Icon Lummox

    I just got an Altura attack extreme for £88 online, it uses Altura’s own brand (i believe) breatheable material, i’m used to get warm in all the previous jackets i’ve worn (aqua foil, goretex) also the jacket is an excellent cut, has armpit vents and is a wicked orange colour.

    My Rab eVent jacket though is very good for general wearing duties, easy care instructions too, it’s just the added cost- and if you crash as easily as i do, then that is a consideration.

    If you’re interested i’ll dig out the website, think it was discountcycles or similar


    ***** found the website



    I’m a little on the reluctant side to pay mega money (£100 ish) for a jacket just for riding my bike.

    I’ve got two, one’s a Decathalon Novadry and it’s pretty good to be honest. The other being a Berghaus Aquafoil jacket, non bike specific and plenty waterproof/breathable enuff.

    Like alot on here though I do tend to sweat even when it’s mega cold, which is why I’ve taken to wearing a Regatta Xtreem softshell jacket most of the time now, unless it’s lashing it down


    don’t believe the hype about event, goretex etc – none are breathable enough for riding in if you want to stay reasonable dry inside and really are best used when it chucks it down, that’s what theyre designed for. for general riding get a windproof or a softshell. basically the more waterproof the more boil in the bag feeling they are, i have a paclite but would never use it in dry conditions, it’s way too sweaty. even for general outdoor use or climbing i just keep it in the rucsac for when it rains.

    waterproofs for when it rains, windproofs for staying comfortable in normal conditions. the MT500 looks like a really good jacket, otherwise go for event as it does breathe better when working hard than goretex.

    Premier Icon neil853

    i’m not convinced on all of these ‘extremely’ breathable jackets, they look nice but you still sweat buckets in them. plus if you come off its a lot of money to rip?

    like i said i’m not convinced………

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