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  • paulo6624

    Ooh me too

    Been reasonably happy with my Lumix FT4 so far

    Makes some interesting reading. Seems to be the 2nd/3rd best compact reviewed on that site.
    Might pop into a camera shop and have a feel of one.


    I’ve been more than happy with my Nikon p300 and it comes well under budget. You can take a look through the pics on my blog here, all taken with that camera through the last 6 months and just mildly edited (just cropped mainly)

    the new version is the p310 and I’m sure there will be deals a plenty about with a quick google search.

    Take care and have fun


    Wex have a very good deal on the Nikon P7100 at the moment – £199

    Not having RAW is pretty much a no no. Having been shooting in RAW for the past 3 years, going back to a non raw formate is unthinkable. So far none of those cameras trump the G15.


    Olympus XZ2, Lumix LX7 – but really you want to up your budget and get a Sony RX100. 🙂

    I know its been done before, but I’m looking to get rid of my Canon 550d for a compact. I love taking photos, but just find that I dont take it out as its alot of extra kit to take.

    Looking for something that will take comparably photos, around the £300 mark. Something fast enough to take mtbing shots.
    I have been looking at the Canon G15. Anyone recommend anything to me.
    What was the results of the previous forums?


    I’ve been using a Fuji X10 this last few months, lovely camera. Smallish with retro stylee with controls in the right places for someone used to an SLR and a viewfinder. Couldn’t possibly use a camera without viewfinder.


    A couple of years ago I got a Panasinic Lumix z10 when my camcorder packed up. I wanted a decent compact camera with half decent video quality so I didn’t have to lug around two devices.. This has HD quality, and though I was skeptical at first I’ve been we’ll pleased with it. The video quality, though not BluRay quality is near as damn it full HD by the time my tv has up scaled it. Way better than my camcorder. It has GPS too which is handy. My digital SLR has hardly seen the light of day since I’ve had this too. I just can’t be bothered with it.

    Premier Icon metalheart

    I recently got a Canon S100 which is definitely compact and it shoots in RAW. Also can be used fully manual to.

    It is definitely limited in comparison to a SLR (aperture for instance) but as a camera that fits in the pocket it’s ace.

    I also have a G9 which is a bit of a beast in comparison (size wise) I think the G15 is even bigger.

    Mine cost £300, seen it recently ~£280. Don’t know how available they are now though.

    The S110 is around £380-ish now I think.


    Whatever the latest incarnation of the Canon S90 is, fast lens, full (easily accesible) manual controls, shoots RAW, mine gets used mire than my 40D as its more portable (still prefer the 40D when I actually have it to hand though. I tried a G9 and found it was the worst of both worlds, too bulky to pocket but not actually an SLR either so I ended up with the two camera solution, ideal for me anyway


    Canon S90/S95/S100/S110 (you can probably get the older models cheap on eBay). Fiddly controls but full manual and shoots raw. Truely ultra-compact, put it in any pocket any time. G13/14 etc and LX5/LX7 are too bulky to fit in many pockets. The “best” camera is the one you have on you all the time and will use.


    have gone through same thought pattern as OP.
    Sold all DSLR now and have tried most of the Panasonic Lumix range.
    The original GF1 remains brilliant and almost unbeaten by later models (GF2, 3 and GX1).
    I now use a LX7 which for me ticks all boxes. Is pocket size.
    Has full control.
    Previously I had a GF3 with the 14-40mm powered zoom lens (X type) and this was the only set up I bothered using, so the LX7 seemed the right step to take given I didn’t ever change lens on the GF3.
    I also have an older Lumix TZ8 which really is just a cheapy compact and nothing to write home about.
    All the lumix range seem well built, easy to use, reliable, decent battery life, can’t fault them. Have heard the Sony RX100 is ever better than the LX7 but I don’t like the Sony menu’s/user function.
    You can pick up an LX5 for peanuts now and they aren’t much difference to the LX7.

    Premier Icon nickjb

    I’ve had the LX3 for a few years. If/when it breaks I’d probably get whatever the latest version is. It’s a great camera. Loads of user control and easy to adjust without delving through menus. Just about small enough to pocket, I wouldn’t ant anything bigger. The Canon G range seem a bit big to be a compact


    I still use Nikon (film) SLRs but like others above I love the S95 and would definitely recommend it (or whatever the latest incarnation you find) but for 2 significant things. Build quality and lifespan. The lens is really prone to damage regardless of how careful you are. Mine has just had the dreaded “lens error” message for the third time now and I’m not sure that I can face fixing it again – Canon are never interested in helping and a new lens assembly costs £50+ each time. Not a lot to keep a fantastic camera working, but it’s not a great help if you are stuck without a camera and you need it.

    Premier Icon SimonR

    I had a Canon G10 which I really enjoyed using and gave great results but a scratched lens and general wear and tear prompted a change. After a lot of shopping around and reading reviews I went for an Olympus XZ-1 ( It’s been around for a couple of years and so there are quite a few really good deals – release of the XZ-2 has pushed the price down too. Comes up significantly lighter and more compact than the G10 (but still not pocketable like a S100). Nice fast lens too, shoots RAW, good scope for manual control and reasonable (for a compact) higher ISO performance.

    Some recent photos here on Flickr


    what are you selling your 550D for?

    have you seen the new ultra small canon 100D thats just been released, available later this month?

    thinking about one of those myself or the 700D….or 70D if it ever gets released!!!


    Nikon P7700 would get my vote. But, it works as a commander for Nikon flashes so I could use it for that which would bea a big sway for me.

    I have got a Nikon P300 and almost went for the P7100 instead but it was not compact enough for my needs.

    Given that you shoot RAW, is a compact gonna give you the results you want? My P300 is nowhere close to my D80.

    Have a look at the Sony RX100. It has a large sensor & is highly rated.


    Whatever the latest incarnation of the Canon S90 is

    +1, still really love mine, great little camera. Takes a few shots to get used to the shutter lag but then it’s perfect. Here are a load of pics I took with mine. Obviously not as good as a proper camera but as they say, the best camera is the one you have with you or something like that.

    Premier Icon philtricklebank

    Nokia 808 Pureview. Got one of these recently. Awesome image quality, connectivity etc, better than any compact or semi compact I’ve had. Got mine off an Amazon trader for £300. Check the link for review, sensor size, sample images etc.

    DP review

    Plan is to sell the 500D on ebay. Then use those funds to get something. There are currently a few Canon S110 for around £250 new, from the UK on there.
    Seems like a good deal.

    And yes, I love the DSLR, and yes its a downgrade in terms of image quality etc. But having a camera with you to take photos is infinitely better than not having it, even if its the best in the world right!

    Premier Icon Cougar

    500D or 550D?

    Premier Icon molgrips

    Olympus TG-1. Good bridge camera, water and dirt proof. Win.

    550D* (typo)

    Needs to be as compact as possible.


    Needs to be as compact as possible.

    S90/S95/S100/S110, no question, just buy one and enjoy.


    nigelb001 – Member

    Couldn’t possibly use a camera without viewfinder.

    I recently bought a cheap compact and an optical viewfinder was a must for me.
    It’s my first digital camera and I was amazed by the quality of low light shots, especially comparing them to people holding their much more expensive cameras two foot infront of them so they could see the little screen.
    I would not recommend buying a camera without one.

    Premier Icon sandwicheater

    Purchased a Canon S100 a few months ago and very pleased. Shoots RAW, Video and the image quality is V good. Can get for about £240-60 on some sites.

    Did look at ebay option but UK Camera Store came up trumps, and a quick gander gets you the S110 for £280 plus postage.


    Nikon P7100 for me, I did exactly what you describe, ditching a SLR in preference for this.


    Needs to be as compact as possible.

    I have a G10 and want to replace it with an S100+. G10 I have to carry in my hand, it’s too big for a pocket.

    Premier Icon vrapan

    Comparable IQ to your DSLR and pocketable = RX100 nothing else really. G15 is slow and massive , lx7 and XZ2 and X10 are all bigger with smaller sensors. The RX100 is as pocketable as you can get for that kind of IQ

    Premier Icon takisawa2

    Few years ago now but I downgraded from a 350d to a G9 & it actually took better pictures. 🙂

    Went with a S110 in the end. £220 off ebay. Should be arriving today or monday. Looks the business!


    I’m thinking of getting a S110, instead of dragging the 450D around. Are they good for taking action shots in poor ish light conditions? I’m thinking mountain biking in the woods not porn!

    Premier Icon DezB

    Are they good for taking action shots in poor ish light conditions? I’m thinking mountain biking in the woods not porn!

    These all taken with my S95. Only limitation is the small zoom (and the photographer’s skill, natch 🙂 ).


    DezB, cheers

    Premier Icon DezB

    This is one of the first shots I ever took with it 🙂

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