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  • Premier Icon yetitony

    Thanks for that, I was relatively happy until reading your thread.
    Looks like I need to pack every piece of waterproof gear I own then.

    Whats the saying, whatever doesn’t kill you makes you stronger!


    Where did you see the forecast and does it just say rain, gales, rain, wind, rain, breeze, rain gales?

    Last year my tour of Wales nearly resulted in my friend dieing of hypothermia, we aint making the same mistake this year as we do the WRT. Right water proofs and extra dry clothing it is.

    Have just depressed myself slightly looking at the long range forecast for WRT weekend – it looks soggy!

    Glad i have done little planning – will just pack my wetsuit and be done with it! Is it really too much to expect a little sun for summer events 🙁

    It’s early days yet, the forecast for this weekend is nothing like they predicted it a week ago … saying all that, I was told yesterday that the forecast for the next two months is heavy rain 😯

    Sorry – shouldnt have pointed it out so early – it could all change yet *practices positive thinking*

    Looked at weather site, didnt analyse it too hard as it depressed me quite quickly – at least there will be plenty of opportunities to wade through bogs and fall in rivers

    (Dont worry that isnt obligatory – just cant seem to stop myself!)


    Just get out and do it….thats my plan. Never regret it when I’m back, showered with beer in hand.

    Absolutely – not doing it wasnt an option was just hoping to do it in a bikini 🙂


    burka bikini you mean

    Ha ha – we’ll see, or rather you wont as you wont be there scandalous 🙂

    Premier Icon Nick

    Weather forecast for Aberywstwyth doesn’t look too bad actually, just head straight there and find a pub 🙂

    May well do, but wont be topping up water bottles with red wine this time . . . Or maybe just a bit

Viewing 12 posts - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)

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