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  • Another watch thread- recommend me a tough watch.
  • beefheart

    I like the fact that terrorists use f91ws, but I have broken 2 in the last 18 months.
    I have gone through 7 watches in this time- from expensive ‘rugged’ jobbies to cheapy jelly type watches.
    They mostly fail at the strap, and replacement straps always break much sooner…
    I do a lot of work outdoors in the woods, and never get more than 3 months out of a watch. I never used to wear a watch….
    Is a g shock noticeably tougher than an f91w?

    I’m considering accepting i am a watch wrecker and stopping wearing a watch- but its nice to be able to tell the time without resorting to rummaging for my phone in a bag….
    Please recommend me a tough watch, that I won’t be too arsed about WHEN I break it.

    If it’s the straps you’re having problems with, why not get yourself either a nato strap or one of the Animal type velcro straps. They’re almost impossible to break, which makes the weak point the pins which hold the strap onto the watch – they’re easy enough to replace if they get bent or broken, but even if one goes, the style of strap means you don’t lose the watch.

    If you really want to go ‘belt and braces’, you could get yourself a watch that uses the 2.5mm seiko fat bars which will be that much harder to break.

    Timefactors sells good quality NATO straps and Eddie is very reliable to deal with.


    What you want is a titanium (from old Migs) Casio F-91W encased in “kelvar”.


    I’ve broken animal watches and watch straps too.
    I find the ‘pin’ bit always comes out, and then once that happens it is a regular occurrence.

    You might want to look at an Apeks Divers Watch, glass is slightly recessed which protects it and the strap is thick and stretchy with a corrugated section at the pin. designed to be worn over a dry suit so pretty tough. Got one for diving but use it as a day to day watch as well. Simply Scuba web site for details

    G10 with NATO strap


    I have one of these for work. Used and abused it for 4 years now in various fights, roll arounds and crappy conditions and its still going strong. If you have a hunt about you can get them cheaper or get the newer version.


    Just write the time on your wrist with a marker. If it rubs off, simply write it again.


    A cheap Seiko Diver is a good choice in my view. They tend to bend instead of break. Mine has been hit off trees, bashed on rocks when climbing and dented many times without adverse effect.


    Is possible to find some product videos on YouTube.


    You could see if you can find one of these, a Seiko SBDX011 Marine Master 1000m 8L35 automatic Tuna:

    1000 meter waterproof, monocoque stainless case; it has no access through the back, the bezel, crystal and movement have to be removed from the front. Tougher than a very tough thing, but it’ll cost you, one on the interwebz is about ¥290,000, about £1600.
    Or else get a G100 G-Shock, for about £75.


    Same answer as the other thread isn’t it? G Shock 5600.
    Solar charging, atomic time keeping, tough as old boots. Fit and forget (with a NATO strap of course).


    I’ve completely failed to kill my titanium Casio Protrek – got some nice dings in it and the strap is pretty battered, but it all still works perfectly.


    Here’s my latest acquisition for wearing to work, because I don’t want to risk damaging my Seiko SPORK on sharp-cornered machinery:

    A G-Shock G100-1, with Maratec Zulu strap.


    CaptJon – Member

    Just write the time on your wrist with a marker. If it rubs off, simply write it again.

    Sounds like a win.

    The 2.5mm bar Seiko also sounds good, but I would be gutted to wreck a £1600 watch…
    My dad gave me an Omega a few years ago, but sadly that was destroyed far too easily too.
    I think I’ll probably go G-shock. However- I have dropped/smashed/drowned/broken watches at the pin AND the ‘fasten/link’ bit. Is there anything else that anyone would recommend?

    Premier Icon martymac

    check that animal straps fit you before you buy one, they aint as big as they used to be.
    i bought 2, from different suppliers to use on my g shock, and they are useless to me as they are too short, despite the fact that i used to use them years ago (and a rotary ive had for 20 years still fits me, so its not me thats changed)
    they are flippin indestructable though, i found i wanted to change them because they stank, not because they wore out.
    +1 for anything g shock.


    I can’t comment on the above mentioned, but i’ve got a very hands-on job (i’m a military type). I bought a G-Shock 500A about 5 years ago from a BX in Kuwait. Since then, it’s been worn every day, all over the world. Other than the strap breaking – which was replaced for a couple of quid from Amazon – it’s been absolutely faultless. In fact, it still shows it’s got a full battery. Can’t recommend it enough, really.

    On a side note, i would be very cautious of buying anything marketed as “NATO Standard”; it often means it’s been made by the lowest bidder.


    Fraz – Member

    I have one of these for work. Used and abused it for 4 years now in various fights


    Casio HDA-600.

    I’m also very hard on watches, g- shocks are the only ones that survive for any decent money. Currently have a Mudman which is going strong!

    Timex Explorer with an Animal strap… keeps time perfectly, easy to read even at night and virtually bullet proof. Essentially a civvy version of the G10.

    Real beauty is the price they are about £30 new so you don’t mind if it breaks.

    I smashed the pin retainer on my last one but the watch remained perfectly workable, in fact it’s still attached to my hydration pack via the remnants of the Animal strap in similar style to a nurses watch, ticking away keeping perfect time… 😉

    Premier Icon Del

    don’t really know why you’d get a nice reliable watch like a g-shock and then throw all the mechanical gubbins in to make it unreliable TBH, but i suppose some people like them like that. 🙂


    Brand wise look no further than brands from JapLand.

    Go for solar, automatic or battery powered … all fine.

    Citizen Eco Zilla BJ8050-59E

    Some pics here






    I’d say if you keep breaking pins and /or straps then get something that avoids that as a weakpoint.

    The ideal thing may be a ex army issue CWC G10 with solid pins like this

    The solid pins should be impossible to break,quartz accuracy and easy battery replacement.

    You can pick them up 2nd Hand from around £45 upwards or new for around£130.

    Premier Icon 2unfit2ride

    ^ that’s the watch i use for riding, but with a plain black strap, I haven’t worn it for a while though 🙁


    Can’t go wrong with a Casio 5600 G Shock. I’ve got a 15 years old one in a drawer somewhere that I regularly used for biking, caving, climbing and at work.

    Premier Icon bratty

    I always found Titanic a tough watch, but then, I don’t really like romantic weepy films

    Premier Icon 2unfit2ride

    bratty, very good!


    Bratty, boom, tish! 😆


    G Shocks are the only watch that has lasted for me, had others, expensive Seiko’s etc but they’ve all died far too quickly. Using a GW-2500 at present, about 3-4yrs, so far so good. Not expensive so gets used and abused every day.

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