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  • Another very gruesome bike accident in São Paulo, Brazil
  • simonralli2
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    This accident is pretty gruesome and has been in the news a lot.

    Around 5.30 am on Sunday morning a cyclist was hit by a drunk driver. The cyclist was in a bike lane which was cordoned off from the rest of the lanes on the road with traffic cones.

    The accident ripped the arm off the cyclist. The driver didn’t stop and drove for maybe 7km more with the arm attached to the grill of the car. The driver then threw the arm into a brook.

    Had the arm been recovered, it could have been re-attached.

    This is quite terrible. The driver handed himself in to a police station, but there is still a huge outcry. The reason is that the law seems to be totally on the side of the driver. I am not able to follow the exact detail, but this bias has made cyclists here go crazy, and they are now protesting on social networks.

    Terrible. I really do not want to buy a road bike here as drivers really treat cyclists like rubbish, and also they run red lights a lot so you have to be careful crossing a road even when using a crossing.

    I don’t know what will happen as a result but it’s not great news I can tell you.

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    christ 😯

    hope the cyclist is ok (i know that sounds stupid considering their arm’s been ripped off).

    the law is an arse when it comes to cyclists rights 😡

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    Yeah – He is going to be ok. There is a businessman who has said he will donate the money that the 21 year old cyclist needs to have a new prosthetic arm fitted so that was a nice act of kindness. Lots of cyclists got together and did actually try and find the arm in order to see if it could be saved.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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