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  • Another tyre question. Conti X King 29er.
  • kuman

    Anyone using them ? What’s your experience?

    On one selling them cheap at the moment.. I’m looking to get 2.4 front and 2.2 rear for my hardtail. My riding is general xc/trail, nothing too extreme really.


    I’ve spotted the One One price as well. My current frame won’t allow anything over 2.0 at the back though. Thinking of getting a frame from On One to fit the tyres…!

    Premier Icon yetitony

    I’ve been running the x king 29’er on my singular gryphon and very happy with them. Reasonable levels of grip but does let go a bit in muddy conditions. Not much in the way of traction on the sides so not surprising.
    Seeing as we are hopefully coming out of winter should be a good choice. They are fast rolling.

    Maiden Voyage of the Singular Gryphon by Yeti Tony, on Flickr


    Thinking of getting a frame from On One to fit the tyres…!

    Lol.. That’s something like I would say to my wife..


    I have them on both ends.
    Comfort good, but tyre flexs and distorts in the side walls,
    Oddly this feeling is most un-nice on the back. Makes me check for punctures or loose wheel somewhere.
    I am using a Mavic TN719 is this too narrow a rim?

    Premier Icon sillyoldman

    Black Chili versions are good, cheaper ones are not.

    Carcass is too floppy on cheaper one, and compound awful except in dry conditions. BC version good though and tubeless ready.

    On-One versions are no doubt the cheapest of the cheap OEM versions.


    I use the el cheapo versions in all weathers – Love them. Really good tyres.

    Premier Icon Yak

    I’ve got the 2.2/2.4 cheapo combo.
    Thoughts are:
    A little small for the stated width, but the 2.4 has enough volume for me on the front.
    Running tubeless with stans. Overnighted them first with a tube, then they went up fine. A few psi top-ups in the first week, but basically fine. Running 22ish psi rear and 18ish psi front smooths things out and eeks some grip out of them
    They are less grippy than they look.

    Overall I like them as i value speed over outright grip and sketchiness is common to me whatever tyres i run!

    edit- on a rigid ss 29er fwiw


    Got a 2.4 up front on my SS rigid 29er, tubeless on a crest rim. Ran it all winter without any issues. For the mullah you can’t go wrong. 😀


    Thanks guys. Some mixed reviews here. I’m still undecided, currently running nobby nic front and rear and happy with them but looking for something faster rolling with decent level of grip hence the question. Another option is to keep nic on front and racing ralph for the rear…


    Don’t just buy them because they’re cheap…I’ve done that a few times and have always gone back to what I was using before.

    have them as standard on my Genesis Fortitude Race rigid, put some Maxxis Beavers on for the last two months and yesterday took the beavers off and put the Conti’s back on. Personally found them really grippy in everything but deep mud. Always been a Maxxis man but keeping these, work very well for 9 months of the year. I don’t think they are black chilli compound either, but very happy with them indeed

    Mister P

    I am running normal folding ones tubeless on XT wheels. No issues at all but I do run tyres fairly firm.


    Lots of better tyres out there, hated them when I used them


    I have a 26 2.2 that is going to waste, it’s the folding non protection version. I just couldn’t get it to sit on the rim. Anyone want it for £10 (pick up in Manchester?)

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