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  • Another question about water bills?
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    I have just discovered that before April 2008 Severn Trent applied a minimum charge to metered properties as well as unmetered ones.

    What is not clear to me is whether that minimum charge of 99.66 includes the standing charge of 29.96.

    On my bill I have been charged seperately.

    So even though for that time we only used 47 cubic metres of water, which at their pence per cubic metre rate would work out as 57.34 for the year we are charged 99.66 then the 29.96 standing charge on top of that. And for some inexplicable reason the minimum charge on unmetered properties is less!

    If the minimum charge was 99.66 and included the 29.96 standing charge then that would work out as around 60 cubic metres per year which seems more fair, certainly that’s a figure that i’ve seen as a low usage before.

    So anyone know whether this minimum charge includes the standing charge or not?

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