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  • another privatisation dissaster….
  • b r

    My wife did a contract a few years ago at one of the privatised forensic agencies. She described it as a disaster waiting to happen, with the worse aspects of the private and public sectors all rolled into one.

    Plus, contract meddling from the various police forces who all wanted there own agreements/methods in place and weren’t willing to show/pool resources/techniques etc. And of course, various companies all after the ‘honey’ and (senior) staff with an eye on redundancy and new jobs with said companies.

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    I liked the quote from the gov’t numpty that the private sector will provide the best service….

    The trouble is when will Tories (and voters) realise that a country’s infrastructure (healthcare, justice system, transport, water & energy) just can’t be privatised.


    Some of the inquiry’s most damning criticisms are reserved for Jeremy Browne, the minister of state for crime prevention, who had “little understanding of the subject” when he gave evidence to the inquiry, according to the report. The authors write: “[Browne] responded to most of our questions with inexact analogies, rhetorical questions and politically divisive or vague comments”

    Ok which poster on here is he then?

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    I have an ex colleague thats recently emmigrated because he didnt like the way things were heading in his profession and he was adamant that there would be some high profile miscarriages of justice on the way

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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