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  • Another one for the motorcyclists….i've got a new bike too.
  • tinsy

    Looks miles better for your efforts… have fun.

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    Thank you.

    Still a few things left to do, got a new tank arriving and a standard R6 decal set to go on there this wekeend.


    what were the pictures on the front of?

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    Blokeys son. He has a charity set up for him as his lad has lost his legs and arms. i think it was. Very sad story when he was telling me all about it.

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    Started off like this…

    So here it is.

    bloke is currently at Donny and off to Cadwell tomorrow on his new track bike, so i don’t think i’ll see it until the weekend of 27th.

    Whether i use it a lot or a little… who knows… but it’s cheap, cheerful and won’t be too much of a transition for the wife from her R1…. you never know, the drop in power may even help us both 🙂

    The spare wheels come with disks and sprocket carrier, also wets… but i don’t know how good/bad the rubber is… but no biggy in all honesty..

    Hi hear we have my 2001 r6 track bike I have had the bike 12 months ish. Done 4 track days on it and changed the oil and filter twice in this time. Iv up graded to a 2010 r6 so dont nead it eney more just nead the space it’s tacking up.
    It has k teck fork internals spear
    Wheels with wets on good condition
    The suspension has bean set up 4 11 to twelve stone rider.
    It’ handalls realy well.
    And has xalant fealing through the front.
    It starts first time every time no smoke ratels or eney thing like that.
    4 a track bike it is in superb condition.

    Then onto this on Saturday

    Today i spent several hours working on the bike, de-cluttering, cleaning, sorting, fixing, replacing and spannering.

    The brake pads had about <1mm on them so they were replaced along with a good check on the pistons and overall cleaning of the brakes. They now work lovely with the Halfords bought Ferodo pads.

    Oil change was completed, although in all honesty the oil in there was pretty nice when it came out.

    Sidestand fitted, simply to make it easier for moving/storage etc

    Choke fitted, cable went on nicely and all works well, mounted up on the top screen/fairing bracket mount. Nice job i think.

    With all the panels removed it was easy to check things over, make sure everything was straight, right and sweet. Only minor thing i found really was that the radiator wasn’t mounted correctly on the throttle side, which was quickly resolved.

    Gave the bike a bit of a run out, smooth and nice through all the gears, handles, rides and goes as you’d expect really, no nasty shocks there.

    The new Renthal grips went on which make the bike look and feel a LOT nicer by themselves… nice 🙂

    Found it has a Datatool digital gear indicator which is nice, saves me £80 to buy another one 🙂

    If i were being picky i’d say the bike had been put together by someone with either too little skill or too little time… i’m not 100% sure on which. But overall it’s a decent machine underneath the minor bodgery.

    The Renthal rear sprocket and nice DiD gold chain are a nice and welcome addition.

    Bodywork wise… well.. it’s a track bike… with a dink in the tank and some crappy paint that has been marked by petrol, makes it a little bit poor IMO, but in all honesty i’m being picky there. I’m once again saddened by peoples lack of attention to detail and the fact people wipe or throw a rag at a bike to clean it, but when you remove the fairings etc you see the bits that are neglected and ignored over time and miles. You do what you can to try and sort it, but there are limitations of course.

    Last and longest part of the day was removing the 4000 decals on the bike… took forever to get all the sodding lettering off. But needs polishing and sorting to bring it up nicer and fully remove all the residue.

    The screen was botched on with 2 screws only… bloody rubbish. For now that has been left as it is, it will be drilled and fitted correctly next weekend.

    Overall it’s a £1000 trackbike, worth every penny… but it’s not a £2000 trackbike LOL.

    Then on Sunday

    They say, “you can’t polish a turd”

    However, i beg to differ… you CAN… and you can actually make a half decent job of it.

    the majority of todays work was aesthetic, however with all the removing of footrests, wheels etc, it gives you a chance to check bolts, put grease where it needs to go and generally check for any problems or issues that may arise. also throwing in a bit of TLC, time and care… the bike is getting half respectable now.

    There was of course LOADS of crap, loads of dirt from wet and greasy riding… but again, no major horrors and no shocks… everything was as expected.

    Still left to do is to fit the screen correctly as Pygmy couldn’t locate his drill. Sort out the generator cover, sort out the timing cover… Fit bar ends…. Possibly new tank…

    Goes well with my 2 R1’s..

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