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  • Premier Icon chakaping

    He ended up in bed with a mate of mine (girl)

    Bit of a smoothie then, was he?

    Premier Icon BigDummy

    They make pleasant drinks, out of fruit. If they stop making their drinks out of fruit, and instead make them out of mashed up starving bangladeshi children and artificial flavourings then it will all be very sad. I suspect in fact they will continue to make their drinks out of fruit, but that a proportion of the profits from this activity will go to a corporation that kills puppies just to see them die.

    Following most money back to its source will leave you feeling pretty grubby.


    chakaping you should be ashamed of yourself


    Following most money back to its source will leave you feeling pretty grubby.

    Abso-****-lutely. I’d suggest that all those giving Innocent a hard time on this thread should have a look in their food cupboards and wardrobes and bike sheds and garages and living rooms – and then tell themselves that they have a square inch of moral high ground on the issue.

    Just sounds like naive, sixth form, political angst.



    So is NZCol a millionaire then?

    Can’t believe some of you are so bothered about this, if it means that much you should be growing your own fruit and making your own smoothies! Agree with trailmonkey completely here.

    I don’t think it’s like that. I don’t have any particular problem with Innocent except that I think they are guilty of greenwashing. I don’t believe they ever set out to “do good things” – I think they set out to build a business and saw a way of jumping on the extremely-light-green bandwaggon – I would put them in a circle way outside of the executives who thought up Sunny Delight for example.


    i thought this thread was gonna be about smee and singlespeeds! 😀


    sofatester – Member
    Marketing = selling shit to idiots

    Well, something like that anyway.

    Abit like Ford, Volvo and VW sticking a badge, slight ECU remap (i.e. detune/make shitter/slower) and some plastic covers and hey presto! You have the Ecomatic and the dolphinlover etc. Selling same old but with conscience-saving badge to idiots (who probably traded in a 1yr old car at a huge loss to become ‘greener’).

    Idiots and their money, parted company since the dawn of Marketing.


    Green and Blacks pre Cadbury was decent chocolate. Now, it isn’t, but you can buy it everywhere. Is that progress?


    So, will Innocent now become ‘A Bit Slutty’?

    Premier Icon nickc

    Sugary drinks company buys into other sugary drink company…I’ll try to sleep tonight 🙄

    Premier Icon timraven

    Thought this was funny.

    Daily mash


    But Emma Gerving, a furious smoothie drinker from London, said: “It’s really important to me that my fruit is mashed by the sort of people I would invite to a dinner party or go on a boating holiday with.

    “From now on I will be boycotting Innocent until I forget what all of this was about.”


    If you want an eco smoothie the ingredients should have come no further than 10 miles

    Turnip and Sprout smoothie anyone?

    Premier Icon NZCol

    To answer the other question although someone already did. A company like ours (was) with 143 people needs a lot of $ on a monthly basis to service it. basically while the 4 was coming in the door there was always a slight delay , as in, sometimes contracts would be signed u plate, issue, late payment etc plus we invested in some gear that the services were starting to pay for but it had a lag of 4 months. So for a period of around 14 months we had to plug that hole. The company sold for $14M in cash which was distrubuted around the capitalist pig shareholders of which i was one.
    Even now in a company with 8 people i still have to plug holes every now and then but nothing of the original scale and I would not do that again as it was too much stress for a wee biking person like me 🙂 For example i’m covering 18K at the moment that has been paid to contractors but the ultimate client cocked up the loading of the company into their FMIS system so they are at 7 weeks and counting for the invoices – it will come but for that period someone has to cover the gap. And business loans are impossible to get as ours was reversed with 24hr notice (500K).
    FWIW i thin kinnocnet smoothies are hideous and as to whether I am a millionaire…who knows.

    Premier Icon NZCol

    sorry i typed that on my blackberry quite badly but you get the gist !


    mmmm, blackberry smoothie


    (here is the proof)



    I still find it disappointing that more people are not aware of the horrors that Coke have been responsible for in both India and Columbia, their behavior has been inexcusable and I was genuinely disappointed by “Innocents” decision to go for the big money over their ethics.

    I’m not a liberal. Nor am I bleeding heart. Nor have I ever been an activist or sixth former…

    but I am opposed to inhumane behavior and should you be bothered?

    perhaps you could educate yourself?

    coke is not good. oh the irony.


    Not sure what the relvance of all the other non fmcg comparisons in this thread are about.

    We’re talking about a firm, who grew thanks to great marketing, with the pretence of a reasonably green viewpoint, marketing the positive health benefits of their (frankly overpriced) drinks.

    You can’t continue to maintain those credientials when associated with an outfit like Coca Cola. Some of the global manoevering and corruption of such a powerful marketing financial outfit is pretty much shooting yourself in the foot. You want to appeal to left wing greenies – dont do businesss with the likes of coca-cola. Stories of how they come down hard on unions in south america, creation of polluted water supplies in poor areas globally, ect ect mean innocent have lost all credibility with their market.

    Still look at the brand P&J (Pete and Johnnies). They were a premium growth brand sold alongside Innocent. And then Pepsico bought them. And ran the brand into the ground and have now closed it.

    The shame is I quite like the innocent drinks. I do the litle cartons as a portion of fruit after my cycle into work. I shall vote with my feet and work harder to make my own and have a home made one in a bottle instead.

    And if I am replicated up and down the country, when premium soft drinks will be one of the marketing lines that go “soft” in a recession, then in 18m there will be no more Innocent. And for all those parents who struggled to get little Johnny to get his veg and fruit in without a fight, thats a shame.


    “Oh, and BTW, until this announcement Innocent was a private company owned mainly by the founders with absolutely no obligation to seek the greatest return for shareholders i.e. growth wherever possible”

    It doesn’t matter that it wasn’t publicly traded; each of the directors has a responsibility to all the other shareholders (even if they’re BFFs with the shareholders). If you don’t want to grow a business (or, rather, maximise shareholder value, which might be something different), then using a for-profit company structure isn’t the right path for you.

    “in 18m there will be no more Innocent. And for all those parents who struggled to get little Johnny to get his veg and fruit in without a fight, thats a shame. “

    You Innocent bashers can’t have it both ways – is Innocent just an evil greenwashing scam with clever marketing (the horror!), or was it a brave little juice company that was helping parents get their kids to eat fruit and that’s turned its back on its principles for evil money? You can’t sell out something that isn’t there!

    PS – I am slightly surprised that someone said that giving 10% of profits to charity is “just clever marketing”. Do you tithe your wages? What more do you want from a fricking drinks company, blood?


    I’ve always thought innocent are a bunch of tossers based on their holier than thou marketing. WTF is their ‘village fair’ for? It’s a giant middle class circle w4nk. I’d much prefer to buy coke. If anything this has devalued the Coke brand for me – they’re now assoicated with a bunch of patronising do gooders.

    Good job I only drink coffee and water.

    KB, actually I didn’t use the word company until you did I talked about private business – but you’re still wrong :D.

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