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  • Another mental health vent
  • kilo
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    I was asked to do a report at work today about recommendations from a research paper. Paper sent was about mitigating the risk factors for getting pstd from exposure to child abuse images, my old work area & my old demons.

    I didn’t think it through, my boss hadn’t read it. Lasted about five minutes before the burning in my guts started again, quickly followed by an inability / reluctance to talk and anger started bubbling. Went out kicked something in the rest room.

    Did the report and asked my boss not to send me anything like that again, which took a few goes as I was struggling to speak coherently, also by that stage I was in tears, as I am now. Boss was horrified at his mistake and very apologetic, rest of the day has been shit. Going to get pissed now – leffe & Sancerre ( I know that is a bad move but it is was it is) . Vent over.

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    Ouch. That sounds horrible.
    Gute verbesserung

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    Dude, im sending a massive manhug. Some of my old colleqgues work in your field.

    Just make sure you take time with your family tonight

    If yoy are near N Wales im happy to take you out for a ride


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    I don’t know your history but this is clearly a massive issue.

    Please try not to drink, try and go for a run or something as drinking while upset will not help.

    Take tomorrow off. It sounds like your boss will understand.

    Boss was horrified at his mistake

    Your boss will have learnt and is probably kicking themselves.

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    That’s an awful situation.

    Alcohol is not the answer. Take a a day or two off, do something nice, seek professional support to see if you can work through this

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    @kilo hope you didn’t sink too far down the bottle tonight.
    When you’re ready go have a word with your boss, if they’re a half decent human they’ll put steps in place to make sure this doesn’t happen again

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    Cheers all, much appreciated.

    The wine and beers only got a mild shoeing in the end (mild compared to some on the how much do you drink thread 😉 ) and managed to get a bad dreams free sleep. Still a bit on edge and upset but it’s calming down. Short day today I think.

    Thanks again, stw at its best.

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    My cousin was a police officer investigating that sort of stuff. She retired early with her sergeant husband, and now run a petrol station/general store right at the top of scotland – complete life change.

    Must be horrible.

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