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  • Another light thread – Which ones for £100??
  • Crag

    So, whats the light of choice at this price these days?

    My £50 bastid has died after almost 3 winters use and I’m after a replacement.

    I’ve seen the threads for Neninja’s Inton which look like a lot of light for the dough. How do these compare to the Magichshine MJ-872?
    Is there much difference between the two?

    Are there any others which I should consider?

    Preferably I’d like to use a UK distributor, I don’t really want to wait 4-6 weeks for a Hong Kong delivery as I’m sat without lights at the minute.

    Premier Icon metalheart

    Sorry, can’t help.

    But I’m interested in the answer 😀

    Need to try out this night riding malarkey as there is too much time until the clocks change…

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    XML off Smudge:

    better quality than the DX kit and he’ll look after IF there’s a problem


    I’d go back to deal extreme and get two magicshines.

    One very bright light is good but two bright lights, one bar and one helmet is much better.


    Thanks for the replies. Thought about getting a couple of the DX’s but I don’t really want the wait, and I’ve got a torch I can use as a helmet light.

    I like the idea of Smudge’s light but is this much different from the original £50 bastid? (I appreciate the aftersales that this comes with)

    Anyone got any experience of the Magiclight?


    all my mates use magic lights amazing value cant see why you would buy anything else…new batteries fifteen quid on ebay so you can ride all night!


    Another smudge light user here.

    Really impressed with it.

    Can compare it favourably to an Exposure diablo and a Joystick.

    That magiclight is the same price as an MJ872 but less powerful isnt it?


    deal extreme has a uk warehouse with faster shipping IIRC


    Smudge gets my recommendation. fast delivery, Good communications fast delivery. bought on the back of other peoples good reviews.


    Another vote for Smudge @Mtb batteries, impressed with the light and very impressed with the service.

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    The inton double XML U2 is firkin awesome.
    For £115 nothing will match it


    My smudge XML £55 posted in the for sale forum. 🙂


    smudge as rated above, as quick as the uk warehouse for DX, with a 3 pin charger, and much quicker returns if anything should go wrong
    oh and the battery is much better sealed and bagged

    i honestly think that you can save a few extra pennies if thats what really counts, but for value for money i think mtbbatteries has it currently.


    Thanks for the replies. Thought about getting a couple of the DX’s but I don’t really want the wait, and I’ve got a torch I can use as a helmet light.

    This is a 3 day delivery.

    UK DX dispatch

    I’ve not got a Smudge light but have been tempted to get an extra from him considering that his have the sealing of the batteries, 3 pin socket, 4 modes [rather than 3], egg shell reflector and the fact that he was really helpful. I’ve got a DX one and have had no issues so far. Can waterproof the batteries with a jonny and tape the end up. That’ll keep it waterproof and all safe.

    I can add another satisfied Smudge customer to the list – bought just before Christmas, speedy delivery and all was good. Went to go for a ride on Boxing day and the light was intermittently turning off – turned out to be a faulty connection in the battery pack. Emailed, not expecting a response for a couple of days, and he emailed back half an hour later, at 10:00pm on Boxing day!

    Got the battery sorted in double quick time and even threw in one of his new rear lights by way of a goodwill gesture (and it’s ace).

    Will be getting another one for the OH soon hopefully. 🙂


    I’ve got a smudge light. Great bit of kit for the money.

    But, I’ve also got a Neninja light and it is a LOT brighter. Haven’t actually been out at night with that yet but it’s looking a pretty sweet set up together with Smudge’s!


    +1 for a happy Smudge user here – great bloke to deal with and willing to go the extra to keep customers happy.

    Smudge’s light is plenty bright enough for the riding I do


    Another vote for Smudge @Mtb batteries, impressed with the light and very impressed with the service

    Superb Service


    I have one of Smudge’s unit too, it great and you can rely on Mark for backup. The XML compared to my old P7, it’s the next step up, a brighter beam with more punch/throw than the P7 managed. Though in with a tighter beam has less overall spread than the P7, Maybe the (current) ultimate in helmet lights.
    BUT as you have a budget of £100, I would definitely be looking at the MJ-872 and Neninja Inton units. The XML still has more punch/throw than the MJ-872 but not the massive flood of light the later produces. M8 has just got hold of a Neninja’s unit, we hope to compare it with a MJ-872 tomorrow night, to see if the extra cash was worth it. Off-hnad a quick back garden test of the Inton U2, it has a massive central spot, which was bright as f***, and a huge secondary halo. Whether like the single XML this secondary halo is overwrought by the centre spot, we’ll see tomorrow
    (all dependant on my cold shifting or at least not getting worse)

    Or you could simply replace your P7 battery (I assume the reason it died, or at worst pull the head unit apart to locate the fault), and run a 2nd XML unit along with it, as between them you’d get loads of light.

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